#Wanderlust: My Travel Line-up, so far


I never thought I would be so into traveling. I knew it was exciting and enlightening but at the same time, I knew it was something that I couldn't really afford. Traveling is a privilege. I've been blessed enough to be able to visit two other countries, Hong Kong and Japan, and it really is something else. Immersing myself in a different place, a different culture and jumping into the unfamiliar sparked something inside of me.

This year, and the years to come, I intend to invest in experiences.

Especially the ones that involve being in a different place (not necessarily a different country). I'm seriously using up way to much brainpower planning up itineraries in my head and this went into overdrive after booking plane tickets to three out of my four planned trips!

#Wanderlust: My Travel Line-up, so far

I will outline below my booking experience as well as some details to hopefully help you out when booking your own adventures ;)


Cagayan de Oro + Camiguin, Philippines

August 21-24, 2015

Domestic flights in the Philippines can get a little expensive, even with the deduction of fuel surcharge. I find that it's best to book these flights during promotional sales such as the ever famous Piso Fare Sale (for all the internationals out there, it's a sale wherein the base fare of any destination is Php 1.00 ~ USD $0.50.)

I booked our tickets (it's my first trip with all my best friends and our plus ones + my first trip to Mindanao) during a 50% off promo fare by Cebu Pacific Airlines and effectively, each roundtrip ticket costs Php 3,300.00 (~ USD $75.00). For this trip, we didn't really need a lot of luggage so we just paid for two 15-kilogram luggage, just in case we go crazy in the souvenir shopping department.

Tokyo + Osaka, Japan

December 13-20, 2015

OH MY. I just booked our Manila - Tokyo tickets yesterday which is why I still feel my oh-my-goodness-we-are-really-going-to-Japan feelings. Cebu Pacific Airlines had a Php 1,000.00 (~ USD $23.00) base fare promo for all international destinations and I knew it was now or never. I booked our Manila - Tokyo tickets for just Php 2,165.00 (~ USD $49.00). I'm still waiting for a good deal before booking our return trip, Osaka - Manila.

Seoul, South Korea

March 4-8, 2016

I wasn't actually planning on going to South Korea (even though I really want to) because my family plans to go to the United States around June/July next year and as we all know, that trip needs a big budget. But then, as if the universe really wants me to go, AirAsia had their Piso Fare. I frantically called a friend and asked if she wants to come with me and when she said yes, there was no going back! I booked our roundtrip tickets for a total of Php 7,278.00 (~ USD $164.00) per person.


Now, the next hurdle, at least for two of these booked trips is getting a visa. Here's to seeing the world one plane ticket at a time!