How I Use Hashtags in Travel Memory-keeping

  How I Use Hashtags in Travel Memory-keeping | Crafted by PamI admit. Social media is practically part of my daily life.

I love scrolling through Instagram in the morning and getting inspired by beautiful photos, captivating artworks and living vicariously through other people’s adventures (while I’m waiting for my next adventure).

Twitter is a source of witty one-liners, lol-worthy GIFs and bite-size updates from my favorite people. I’ve trimmed down my follow list significantly to the point that scrolling through social media isn’t a distraction for me anymore, it’s actually a source of inspiration.

When traveling, I always find myself wanting to share with the world what I’m seeing with my own eyes. After taking in the experience, I grab my phone and snap a photo or two (or 123198031) and share it on Instagram or Twitter. During these times, there’s one step that I *always* make sure to do before publishing those photos / tweets...

add a travel hashtag.

Not just any hashtag, of course. But more on that later.

What’s a hashtag, anyway?

Hashtags - in social media, at least - is a clickable or searchable link that allows you to track discussions related to a certain topic. Basically, it allows you to group related tweets or Instagram photos and make it easy to revisit them later on.

There are many ways that hashtags are being used nowadays (generate buzz, gather information from people across the globe, etc.) but for this blogpost, I’m going to tell you how I use hashtags for travel memory-keeping ;)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I add unique hashtags to all of my travel adventures. For example:

[ezcol_1half][instagram url=][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end][instagram url=][/ezcol_1half_end]

For all of my trips, I use the hashtag #CBPGoesTo (as in ‘Crafted by Pam goes to…’).

And then for each specific trip, for example my recent Japan trip, I used the hashtag #PANICGoesToJapan. And then for my latest adventure in South Korea, I used #PAMANAinKorea. I know, they sound soooo silly but bear with me here.

I actually created these hashtags for personal use. I wanted a way to pull out ALL of my travel-related photos long after I’ve buried them in Instagram with 123132423 food photos. By just searching for the hashtag #PANICGoesToJapan, I can recover all the photos that me and my boyfriend took during our trip to Japan last 2015.

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This helps me a LOT when I’m putting together my travelogues. How? Glad you asked!

  • Sometimes, I forget the exact chronological order of what I did during a trip. This is especially true when I do the travelogues weeks after the trip. Looking back on the Instagram photos gives me a rough idea of how things went and what I did on certain days.
  • When I’m traveling with someone else, I get the benefit of seeing what they’ve posted about the trip. I always make sure to remind my friends to use the hashtag when uploading their photos. Normally, we create the hashtags together. For example, #PAMANAinKorea is actually my name (Pam) and my friend’s name (Ana) combined ;)
  • The captions on the photos or the tweets I posted are practically my exact thoughts during that time. Whether a particular song was in my head or I overheard an interesting conversation, those are little nuggets of information that are often forgotten easily.

When I’m putting together a travelogue, I will usually take a few minutes to check out the hashtag that I used and pick a few of the stories that I’ve published at the time. This helps me craft a more complete story for my travelogues.

Some helpful tips:

  • The best hashtags are usually the witty and punny ones. For example, #HeySeoulSister for a trip to Seoul, South Korea. It’s easy to remember plus it sounds so good as well.
  • Before using a hashtag, do a quick check to see if anyone else is using it already. This is especially true if you’re using an obvious pun or something that you’ve heard somewhere. Usually, the more unique the hashtag, the easier it is to use on your own.
  • Even if you’re publishing a photo after the actual trip, continue using your hashtag. This way, you’re continuously building a library of travel-related photos.

 Have you tried creating your own travel hashtag?