Thanks a Latte! -- Movies, cooking and budgets!


Hey lovelies! There are weeks that just fly by you, eh? Last week was *exactly* that. During these moments of blur and flurry, the importance of zooming in on what I'm thankful for is as clear as ever. So, despite the late hour, I'm sitting here and actively exploring the alleys and secret passageways of my brain in search of the small sparks of gratitude that has been firing me up as of late.

Have you got your cup of joe? Let's do this.

Thanks a Latte! -- Movies, cooking and budgets! | Organized! by Pam

This week's latte (yes, this is really a latte - カフェラテ) is from Family Mart! I love canned Japanese coffee and this one is by UCC.

Here's my bright + shiny gratitude list:


01 | movie date with nico

Nico and I love movies. A lot.

It's our favorite quick 'n easy date activity. We practically watch a movie every two/three weeks or so. Last Friday, we watched Ant-Man! Of course, we gotta watch 'em Marvel films as soon as possible.

Despite all shivers caused by being up close and personal with ants (of all kinds!), I surprisingly enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. It's got that signature Marvel humor that I freakin' adore and Paul Rudd's eyes are just... mesmerizing ;) I love how they weaved in the other Marvel movies into the script. Favorite line: "I think our first move should be to... call the Avengers."

02 | cooking! + furikake

I always feel that I'm in my element when I'm whipping something up in the kitchen. It could be a simple breakfast, a lunch that takes five hours to cook or some chocolate banana muffins, it makes me happy either way. I've been cooking a lot more recently and experimenting with new-to-me recipes. I think watching the Korean variety show '3 Meals a Day' has me itching to create something on the kitchen front.

I'm a big lover of Japanese and Korean condiments and my local grocery recently stocked up on furikake which is a Japanese rice seasoning. I bought the ajidouraku mix: dried bonito + seaweed + sesame seed + eggs. YUM.

03 | a new budgeting software / app

Okay, I know I'll probably get some looks when I say that discovering a new budgeting software seriously makes me giddy. Did I really just say that? But it does! I'm still trying out this software so I won't mention it yet but for the longest time, I have been using Goodbudget (Premium). I really, really like this app but there are a few things that have annoyed me as of late: (1) outdated app design (hello, we're on Material Design already!) and (2) syncing problems. I'll let you guys know how the new app fares ;)


And lastly, but definitely NOT the least...

04 | i'm going to the BIGBANG 'MADE' concert!!

AHHHHHH asdskafnjaebdsajcn!! I am floating in between being crazily ecstatic and downright in disbelief. If you're part of my lovely Facebook tribe, I micro-blogged yesterday that I have decided to let go of the BIGBANG 'MADE' concert that will be happening next week. The money just didn't add up to my favor, y'know?

And then, as if the Universe heard my huge sigh, Nico told me that he would buy me a VIP ticket, just because he knew it would make me happy. He's amazing, eh? So, just a few hours after that Facebook post, I was holding in my hands an actual VIP ticket. I can't freakin' believe it.

Thanks a Latte! -- Movies, cooking and budgets! | Organized! by Pam

BIGBANG, I'll see you next week! *Off to practice and memorize their Korean songs!*

Adding to the sparks this week are: getting a good night's sleep // my first comic ever! // having time to read - I'm devouring 'Change by Design' by Tim Brown at the moment // colder breeze due to the rainy season // lots of love in the BE&BH Facebook group!


+ Your turn, amp up the sparkly atmosphere with your love list! I'd love to read 'em in the comments below!