Thanks a Latte! -- Launching


Welcome to my first ever Thanks a Latte! blogpost! *cue hoorays*

Thanks a Latte! is my weekly gratitude practice. As a silly tribute to my favorite coffee pun, I've decided to take a coffee (not necessarily a latte!) photo for every blogpost as well as which coffee shop I bought it from ;) Win-win for everyone!

It took me a while to arrive at this mindset but I've come to realize that gratitude makes me happy. Whether I'm on the giving or receiving end, there's a high-vibing state that's being generated as we all take the moment to be grateful. And I'm all about that high-vibin' state. When we think about what we're grateful about, it pushes it to focus on the 'now.' What good happened to me today? What positive memories have I created today? Who am I thankful to have in my life?

These words by Melody Beattie sums it up well:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Let's enter that high-vibin' state, shall we? (With a cup of good coffee, on the side. Plus points for latte art!)

Thanks a Latte! -- Launching + Living | Organized! by Pam

Delicious cup from Coffee Empire (West Ave., Quezon City). Plus points for the chill vibe + interior!

This week, I am grateful for:


01. The BE&BH tribe

This group is special -- I can already see visiting it as a permanent fixture in my workdays. Need some encouragement? They'll shower you with lovely words + quotes + inspirational anythings. Need some advice on your blog/biz? These ladies will generously offer their time and wisdom. Need some support, laughter, sighs-of-relief and just someone to (virtually) hang out with? These lovely people would jump at the opportunity. Seriously, Rachel MacDonald has fostered a positive community and all-around 'amazing' vibe in the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted tribe.

02. The courage to launch

Thanks a Latte! -- Launching | Organized! by Pam

When I announced in the BE&BH group that I was one full week away into launching, I had nothing in action. No-thing. I definitely had plans, brain dumps and the occasional check-lists but nothing that translates into actual progress. Why in the world would I announce something like that? Because public accountability works.

Immediately after hitting publish on that post, I got to work -- I created a dummy site to design + develop my new website, I started writing the 'shitty first drafts' of my pages, I refreshed my logo... the list goes on. I declared it and I pulled the courage from within me so I could show up and own it.

03. Support + encouragement from my love

Checking in and out of my passion-work as I go through the motions of my day job is difficult enough. I'm grateful that my boyfriend Nico, who runs his own passion project - HumbleBola - on advanced basketball statistics for Philippine basketball (whoa!), understands what I do and goes the extra mile to support and encourage me.

Thanks a Latte! -- Launching | Organized! by Pam

If you're wondering who took the latte photo in this blogpost -- now, you know ;)

04. Good coffee + good chocolate

I have this bad case of 'procaffeinating.' You know that moment when you can't seem to do anything productive, proactive and positive when you haven't had your daily dose of coffee? Yep, that's the one. To keep the procaffeinating sickness away, I finally caved and bought myself a french press a couple of weeks back! The idea that a good cup of coffee is just a few minutes away has been a lifesaver. Although I am limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day (two, for emergency and desperate purposes) to keep my body balanced and healthy.

Lastly, as I hustle (with all my heart) to launch this blog, the stress levels was kept at bay by this simple snack from Marks and Spencer's (who else loves their food selection?) -- Dark Chocolate Digestives. Yummy.


+ How about you? What lit up your week? What do you feel most grateful for?

+ If you're local and have a coffee shop to recommend, let me know!