Thanks a Latte! -- Korean pop culture, Violet Gray and Pinterest


Last week was filled with high energy from launching and just blogging my heart out. (I also sent my first e-mail to the all-new newsletter community, Commune!) It felt amazing but at the same time, it was tiring - the good kind of tiring. I was tired because I knew that I gave my 150% last week and I was excited for a well-deserved rest-filled weekend of movie nights and chilling at home. The best kind of tired, really. As I entered the new week, it was a good brain exercise to identify a few small things that I'm drawing my energy from. The little pick-me-ups that add a lot of authentic excitement levels into my body. The simple kind of things that electrifies my being and keeps me pumped up for a fresh new week ahead.

Thanks a Latte! -- Korean pop culture, intentional bling and Pinterest | Organized! by Pam

This lovely cup of latte is from the ever-reliable Starbucks (Zuellig Building, Makati City)!

Lately, I'm drawing energy from:


01 | BIGBANG's MADE album + launching strategies

I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture but when it comes to pop culture, Koreans have my heart. One of my favorites (I'm a late bloomer to this!) is the five-member group BIGBANG and they recently released a new album, MADE. There are quite a few things I love about this album launch:

  • BIGBANG did not release the album as a whole. They released / will release two new songs on the first of every month starting May (they have six songs out now) coupled with the music video. Launch strategy on point! They kept the raving fans excited and each song got a chance to shine instead of just 2-3 songs (which is what usually happens when you release the album all at once).
  • At the same time of their album release, they went ahead and started a World Tour. Since some of their songs weren't released yet during some shows in their tour (for example, during their concert in May, they haven't released their June songs to the public yet). Concert-goers got to hear some of the songs before they even launched it! What an incentive to attend the concert, eh? Again, launching strategy, locked and loaded.
  • Each song, as mentioned above, came out on the first of the month with a music video that's really a pleasure to watch. Even if you don't understand Korean (I don't!), you'll enjoy the music for the beat and the rhythm and at the same time, the production quality of the videos will wow you. It may seem over-the-top for some but I personally found it quite inspiring ;)

Here are my top three favorites from them:





02 | receiving a package full of scrapbooking goodies

I'm not the only one who squeals and gushes over a freshly delivered (or in this case, picked up from the PO) box of goodies, right? I just picked up my Design Team box from Elle's Studio and the July kits + new collection are di-vine. I'm so looking forward to using the 'We Ate Here' stamp set for my feeling foodie adventures.

Thanks a Latte! -- Korean pop culture, intentional bling and Pinterest | Organized! by Pam

The July reveal will be on the 10th, 8:00am PST (timezone converter right here) so make sure to put that in your calendar ;)

03 | violet gray anything

Where do I even begin? This brand is just resonated with me on a I-think-this-brand-was-made-for-me-specifically level. Violet Gray crafts intentional jewellery all the way from the east coast of Australia. I was first introduced to this brand via Rachel Macdonald's Instagram post. Since then, I have been coveting a number of their love-worthy products and a 10% discount that was offered when Rach became their brand ambassador was the sign I was waiting for from the Universe to finally become a proud owner of their precious jewellery.

While I'm still waiting for my VG package to arrive, here's why I love this brand:

ONE, their products are simply amazing. Simple as that. I haven't seen any of the products in person but a lot of people vouched for the quality + downright awesomeness of each jewellery piece they had. Social proof, yo. I had a hard time choosing between the 'Love is Me' silver ring, 'I Manifest' prism ring, 'Attunement' bangle in silver, and 'Throat Chakra' necklace in silver. Can you guess which one I chose?

TWO, their Instagram feed is filled with inspiration and wonderfully written words that will send you into a state of motivation and high-vibing energy. The caption fully encapsulates the moment in the photograph. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks a Latte! -- Korean pop culture, intentional bling and Pinterest | Organized! by Pam

THREE, their mission is to "unite all the beautiful women all over the globe and to celebrate the collective feminine strength and capability." I love it.

I can't wait to get my first (and definitely not the last) VG jewellery! It's actually my personal reward for launching Organized! by Pam!

04 | pinterest

Last Monday, I've assigned myself a ginormous (-ly fun, that is!) task of reorganizing and breathing some creative energy into my Pinterest account. I've only used Pinterest before as a moodboard-making tool for my design clients (I used to design + develop brands, blogs, websites, etc.) and very rarely as a inspiration-gathering (read: semi-hoarding) tool. I deleted most of my boards and started afresh, pinning from my favorite blogs + uploading a few pins of my own. If you like a good pin party, take a gander at my Pinterest!

Thanks a Latte! -- Korean pop culture, intentional bling and Pinterest | Organized! by Pam

Well worth the mention are: movie night with Nico -- we watched Terminator: Genisys and I was delightfully confused for a good 30 or so minutes // Caroline Kelso's blog, Made Vibrant // driving at 6am to work -- I love the soft + diffused natural light! // the most comfortable flannel from Forever 21 // re-watching a personal favorite Korean drama of mine, 'Moon Embracing the Sun,' with my sister Alyssa.


+ That's about it for me. How about you? What has been energizing you as of late?

+ How have you been inviting positive energy into your day?