Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG [MADE] Tour


What a whirlwind this past week has been! Month-ends are the craziest periods in my full-time work. Last Sunday, I worked from 11am to 4:30am the next day. ASDFGHHWEKDJSA!!! I am ready and open for a slower week where I can actually take the time to prepare a good breakfast, appreciate the drive to work (and not battle with drowsiness) and write in the mornings. No actual coffee for today; last week was a rather roller-coaster for my stomach and it wouldn't cooperate with caffeine. Okay, you did probably didn't have to know that, eh? Launching straight into this week's gratitude list...

here are what I'm thankful for:


01 | #BIGBANG 'MADE' in Manila!

Y'all saw this coming, eh? If you're following my Instagram, I've been flooding my feed with photos from the so-freakin'-amazing-I-can't-get-over-it-at-all concert of BIGBANG last Thursday! I internally debated whether or not I would still post photos here but in actuality, there was no doubt ;)

A friendly warning: this is a long one! I thought of creating a separate post for it but I have other things in mind ;)

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

I drove up to Mall of Asia Arena at around 2pm with plans of doing some writing + scheming at the Starbuck's inside the concert venue. I should've known better. When I got there at around 3:30pm (after a bit of getting lost...), outside the Arena were hordes of raving fans with their official crown lightsticks and light-up crown headbands, dressed in BIGBANG-inspired fashion. This is freakin' it. I immediately and voluntarily joined the crowd amidst all the humidity and general chaos that transpired. I queued for one of the official MADE Tour shirts - loved it! - and queued up immediately after at the VIP Seated section.

I had half a mind to actually head into the Mall first (the Arena was adjacent to the actual SM Mall of Asia) since I didn't really have to line-up, I had a reserved VIP Seated ticket anyway. But something about the crowd's energy + enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I just found myself people-watching (my favorite!) while queuing in line. Every now and then, a section of excited fans would scream loudly, alerting my BIGBANG Radar. Are they there? Did they just walk into the Arena? Most of the time though, it wasn't the case. Sigh. Just a camera drone flying through the air, shooting footage for the Tour Report diaries that they upload on Youtube (which are freakin' cool, by the way) or a van with the 'MADE' Tour promo posters plastered all over it.

When it was finally time to enter the Arena (around 6pm), the excitement levels have peaked way up high, numbing all the tiredness from standing up in a long queue for hours. Let it be said: the stage set-up was nothing short of fantastic. You'd know instantly that this was a serious production and that you're in for a one-of-a-kind treat.

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

To sum it up briefly:

Exhilarating. Can't-stop-jumping-and-just-dancing kind of feeling... all throughout the show. Singing along to Korean lyrics. Singing louder during the English parts of the songs. Putting away my camera to feel and live the present. Delirious state of mind. Being inspired and more inspired. Responding to GD, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri's 'yeeeaaahhh!' Acknowledging how much BIGBANG inspires + motivates me and letting it all out. Putting my hands up in the air like I just don't care!

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Thanks a Latte! -- BIGBANG and Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Lots of love to my guy, Nico, for getting me a ticket to #BBMadeinManila.

 02 | blog lovin'

No, not the blog reader website.

Ideating + Prototyping

Just recently, a couple of totally worth-it ideas zoomed into my headspace. After letting it sit* for a few days, I've finally drawn up a couple of plans on my Evernote. Y'know, the typical ideas + timelines + pros/cons (digitally) scribbled throughout a single Evernote note. I'm pretty much done with Ideation Phase One and ready to move on to Prototyping Said Idea Phase One - which is my favorite part! Lots of sketching + pinning + illustrating + coding in the works for this process and I can't wait to share it all with you soon!

*I like to let those out-of-nowhere ideas sit for a few days (after the initial brain dump) before I take it out again and review it. This way, I'm approaching it from a place of calm + clarity + cohesion instead of the idea-high, buzz-full mindset.

Monthly Check-in

As I said on Facebook yesterday, I'm in the midst of a monthly review of my blog; taking stock of what transpired last July + what I've learned throughout the process + what I could improve on + what YOU, my lovely tribe, could take value from. It's a tricky balance between being a head-y and a heart-y exercise and getting those insights on paper is really helping my keep the creative juices and motivation flowing.

Also doing some minor changes here on the blog, fine-tuning my digital home :)

03 | 'let's not fall in love' mv

I initially didn't want to add this to the list since I've pretty much raved about BIGBANG on my first point above but they have just released two new songs and one of 'em is giving me #allthefeels right now! I love how the music video was shot as well, so ethereal.

Some special mentions: I finally bought a graphic tablet! When my mom comes home from US, expect digital scribbles to take over my blogposts, ha! // Windows 10, baby // still loving the #40DaysofGreatness contest // putting on make-up and effort on my style again - I *need* to work on my capsule wardrobe! // new 'Pilipinas' Starbucks card designs + free grande drinks!


+ What is making you smile this week? What are saying "thank you!" to? Share away in the comments!


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