Thanks a Latte! -- 1 Month of Better Blogging


Bring out the cakes and bring on the champagne coffee! The new + improved + better Organized! by Pam is one month old! Thanks a Latte! -- 1 Month of Better Blogging | Organized! by Pam

Exactly one month ago, I've relaunched my little lion cub (a.k.a. my blog) with refreshed branding + better and responsive website + more aligned content. I also committed to blogging almost every weekday for the entire first month to help foster the high-vibin' energy that I naturally got through the whole process of launching. So fitting for this celebration to land on a 'Thanks a Latte!' day!

It was tiring and I missed a couple of days.

It challenged me to unearth my sleeping writer self.

It asked me to really give and provide value, above everything else.

It basically took over most of my "free" time.

It was amazing and fulfilling and enchanting and fascinating and I loved every second of it.

Not gonna lie, I'm definitely looking forward to the next few months! I've got a lot of ideas safely tucked in my Evernote notebooks and a few of them are already brewing behind-the-scenes. Thank you for each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blog and even commenting! Seriously, it warms my bloggy heart. And if you've been a silent lurker, take a leap and connect with me or the other readers ;) Let's start some conversations around here, okay?

Now, are you up for some good ol' gratitude list? I know I am, so here I go!

Thanks a Latte! -- 1 Month of Better Blogging | Organized! by Pam

A strong cup of flat white coffee from Toby's Estate (Leviste St., Makati City) + chewy brownies = celebration!

Aside from the 1-month celebration, I'm loving:


01 | exploring 'greatness'

...through a series of Instagram posts that I'm doing for a contest. In a nutshell, the contest requires me to upload 40 photos on Instagram that represents what greatness means to me. If the Universe wills it, I'll be a proud owner of the new LG G4 smartphone (- which is the smartphone that I've been wanting! My well-loved HTC One has served me well but it's definitely worse for wear.)

Thanks a Latte! -- 1 Month of Better Blogging | Organized! by Pam

To up the ante quite a bit and in the spirit of over delivering, I'm also adding in little snippets of 'greatness' wisdom through the photo captions. I'm definitely loving this little challenge that I issued to myself and if you're looking for a little bit of positive affirmation and truth declaration, head over to my Instagram!

02 | all the idea sparks

My Evernote has been getting a lot of use lately as idea sparks have been popping up here and there. From blog topics to potential offerings (hint hint!), I've been typing up a storm trying to get my thoughts into the digital journal. So much so that you could probably here the *tak tak tak* noise that typing from a typical keyboard makes. (Also, I type really loud as I find the noise quite relaxing.)

I'm doing my monthly blog check in next Monday and I'm excited to map out what I'm manifesting to happen for the rest of year. I'm picturing lots of kick-ass, valuable blogposts (with improved writing to boot!), an engaged tribe over at my Facebook page, lovely and purposeful newsletters sent out to my growing list and a shiny new offering before the end of the year, all coming from a place of clarity.

03 | that I get to watch BIGBANG tomorrow!

I can already feel my heart racing already, thumping to the drum beats of 'Bang Bang Bang.' Just one night to go, Pam.

Thanks a Latte! -- 1 Month of Better Blogging | Organized! by Pam

I'll let you know how the night goes - I already know it's going to be wonderfully chaotic! - so watch this space ;)

Additional sweeteners to this week's love list are: full adhesive post-its + a gold Sharpie metallic marker // writing notes in an e-mail and sending it straight to an Evernote notebook (if you're wondering why, Evernote is blocked on my office computer!) // Windows 10 previews - I can't wait to get my copy! Nothing like a "new dress" to make my laptop feel vibrant again // heaploads of blog planning.


+ Let's make this even sweeter: share your own love list! Come on, don't be shy, let's all celebrate your big and small wins and all the things that are making you happy this week ;)

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