Thanks a Latte! // 08


Let's start with something earth-shattering:

Your truth and your value is good enough.

Now, read those words but instead of 'your,' say 'my.' My truth and my value is good enough. Again. My truth and my value is good enough. Deep breaths. Inhale and then, exhale.

Truthfully, how did that feel?

When I heard those words from Julie Parker in Rach's interview of her for BE&BH, I had to pause the audio and just let the words reverberate within me. My truth and my value is good enough.

I felt the huge boulder made up of a combination of self-inflicted pressure, comparison-sickness and inner criticism being lifted off my shoulders. My truth and my value is good enough.

It's so easy to dismiss your own greatness when you're immersed in other people's accomplishments. We're so harsh on ourselves and often, we put out our own fiery passion. Stop. Right now. Because you ARE good enough. Good enough to reach for the stars, good enough to keep trying, good enough to put yourself out there and good enough to be JUST WHO YOU ARE.

Your truth and your value is good enough.

Now that we're on a self-love mindset, let's start this Thanks a Latte! segment with a nice mason jar of (iced) joe and a side of gratefulness!

Thanks a Latte! // 08 | Organized! by Pam

Remembering Cagayan de Oro with this dainty iced mocha number from Circa 1850 (Claro M. Recto Ave., CDO)!

more time with nico + his new career!

Since we've both started working corporate jobs full-time, we only really got to see each other during the weekends (or sometimes Monday, when I go to his office for lunch). It wasn't a bad thing really but it definitely was unsettling at times. Recently, with his apartment (that he shares with his siblings) being renovated (and him apparently having allergic reactions to a combination of wood dust, paint and chaos), he's been staying the nights with my family after picking me up from work.

It's a crazy arrangement but I am thankful for being able to spend more time with him. Even if we're both working on our side-hustles (soon to be a full-time thing for him, more on that later) or one of us is sleeping soundly, it's the presence really that makes all the difference.

Now the best part, after three / almost four years in corporate, he FINALLY took the leap and resigned! He is now on the right path to his dreams and is finally honoring his passion (he runs a blog on Philippine basketball). I'm so proud of him and between all the late nights working away on this and the frustrations at his full-time work, I know this next big thing for him is WORTH IT.

Congratulations love!


Last week, I felt the urge to get back on the journalling train that I alighted back when I was in high school. I don't know why I stopped really but DANG it feels so good to be writing unedited again and letting the rawness of my thoughts loose. I've also quickly formed a habit of writing down some quotes or phrases that really struck a chord with me. Here's a portion of my journal where I wrote the quote by Julie Parker above:

Thanks a Latte! // 08 | Organized! by Pam

I took these notes while I was listening to her interview and I find that actively listening to interviews / podcasts and drilling into my consciousness the point that they're trying to make helps me to pluck out those nuggets of soul-gold.

exciting projects

After months of planning, stalling, taking a step back and then coming back at it with a fresh mindset, I finally (sorta) publicly declared that I'm working on an exciting project. My Commune tribe all know what I'm talking about and this makes me so freakin' scared. But it's that kind of fear that propels me to actually work on making things happen.

September is going to be my content-writing month and here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working on (and my day job office desk!):

Thanks a Latte! // 08 | Organized! by Pam

And just as I was writing this, I had the change the headline from 'an exciting project' to 'exciting projects.' A wonderful opportunity just landed on my inbox and I'm over-the-moon excited about it. No specifics yet but I will be meeting with someone and going over the details soon! The Universe is making her presence really felt these days. Thank you!

If I've piqued your interest, my newsletter tribe always get the news first so hop on the list if that's something that you want!


That's the big list for this week but here are a couple more that's making me happy + grateful: my article was published on Texan in Tokyo (aka one of my favorite blogs)! // letting go of things that don't spark joy in my life // working on my Project Life album // importing my photos to my hard drive // early morning Starbucks run with Nico // working from home // trying out something new and building relationships with other creative bloggers!

Your turn! How are you creating your best life ever? What sparks that passion within you? What are grateful to have, to feel, to see and to be? Drop a line or two in the comments and let's relish in this high-vibin' state as we welcome the weekend!