Thanks a Latte! // 07


In case you haven't noticed, I've moved Thanks a Latte! from Wednesday to Friday! It makes more sense (and it's a lot easier) for me to recap what I'm thankful for when the weeks run from Saturday to Friday (compared to Thursday to Wednesday - what was I thinking?). O!BP Regulars will also probably notice that my weekly On My Radar blogposts have moved to Facebook! It's nice to spread things out a bit over here on the blog and across my other social media channels (mainly Facebook). After that little housekeeping, I present to you...

Thanks a Latte! // 07 | Organized! by Pam

This week's cup is from a newly discovered hangout, Equatorial Coffee (Dela Rosa St., Loyola Heights). I usually work here after a morning yoga session since it's near the studio ;)

Read on for my love list:


01 | hatha yoga

Yoga has really been amazing for me so far. I've only done two sessions (read about my first one here!) and I already know that this is something that I want to practice continually. Last Sunday, I went in for hatha yoga which is, in a nutshell, a calming yoga practice. There's a significant hold in between poses - perfect for beginners like me since I'm struggling in doing the poses in a snap - and I really feel the burn in my muscles. It's 75 minutes of calm and mental stillness.

02 | 'week in the life'

I mentioned on my Facebook page last week (you should totally join the fun over there!) that I'm itching to try Week in the Life (the brainchild of the ever-awesome scrapbooker extraordinaire Ali Edwards) after reading a couple of blogposts about it. If you're never encountered it before, it's a memory-keeping project that zooms in on one specific week in your life (preferably done yearly). Time flies by us so freakin' quickly that we hardly take notice of the smaller details of our day. The mundane activities. The everyday shenanigans. The fine print.

What are you eating on this week? Where did you go? What have you been loving? What time are you waking up? What do you in the morning? At night? Who are you with? What stories are you living in?

Here are a few of my favorite blogposts on Week in the Life:


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03 | new journaling notebook

Thanks a Latte! // 07 | Organized! by Pam

Ahhh, finally. I haven't had one of these in a looooong time - totally blaming technology for this! I'm a traditional pen-and-paper gal through and through and while I do appreciate the convenience of technology, I can't quite capture my fleeting ideas + thoughts digitally. I always look for something to write on, a Post-It note, a random piece of scratch paper or empty spaces on my planner.

Writing it down, as opposed to typing it out, has with it a certain level of conviction. It allows me to capture the rawness of my ideas + thoughts + musings since it's not easily Backspace-able. The digital format is so conducive to editing out my thoughts even before I've fleshed it all out and it definitely reinforces the (b*tchy) inner critic within me. We don't want that, don't we?

That craving for 'rawness' propelled me to hunt down a journaling notebook. I had my mind set on a blank-paged Moleskine but for some reason, all the Moleskines in the store I went to were planners. The colorful display of Leuchtturm 1917 caught my attention and five minutes later, I happily became the owner of a navy blue blank hard-bound journal that I've already dubbed as my 'Braindrive.' (See what I did there?)

04 | you... yes you!

I am over-the-moon grateful to have you reading my blog whether or not you just chanced upon it or you've been a reader for quite some time. I pour a lot of love, time and effort into this blog so I definitely appreciate the lovely comments that you leave and the generous blogpost-sharing. And as much as I love doing this for me (blogging is one of the best ways to get to know yourself!), I also adore writing up blogposts that will be useful for you as you craft your own intentional lifestyle.

My blog is an ultra-small dot in the world wide web but I can 100% say with confidence that I'm proud of what I'm doing here. There's always an ongoing onslaught of to-do's and ideas but what my blog and I have accomplished - improving my writing + communicating skills bit by bit, crating a community of intention-seeker go-getters and generally just spreading good vibes all around - right now is something that I'm truly proud of :)

So, let me tell it to you, where ever you are right now in you life (and grand scheme of things), be proud of who you are. We're not perfect but where you are right now is just fine :)


A couple more things: impulsively bought a new book (if you're wondering - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo) and I've been reading it at the park these past few days - perfect! // we finally have Filofax in Manila! // yellow Post-its + black fine-tip Sharpie + pink highlighter =

That's me for this post! Let's keep the conversation going, tell me in the comments: what are you grateful for right now? Share + spread your personal joy below!