Recording 365 "Everydays:" the Project Life approach to memory-keeping

For the average non-professional photographers and Instagrammers, have you ever wondered what to do with the 23,498 pictures from that trip to Sagada with your family or 14,325 photos of the food you eat everyday or all those memorabilia - you know, the ticket stubs and the packaging of the chocolate he gave to you? I for one love collecting all those sentimental pieces of my everyday life as well as take pictures of anything, from the life-changing events to the most mundane things. Since grade school/high school, those have been collecting dust in either my Time Capsule Box or in the now-non-existent Multiply/Friendster pages (sometimes in my beaten up external hard drive). There used to be an internal debate within me - should I just throw this away? Or delete it? I never look at them anyway; they're just... there

Project Life


And then I discovered Project Life from A Beautiful Mess (ABM). ABM is a blog run by Elsie + Emma; they blog about art and design projects from DIY home furniture to scrapbooking your first year of marriage. They designed the Sunshine Project Life Core Kit for Becky Higgins and I just loved how the cards looked liked and I was wondering what Project Life was all about. After some Googling that led to hours on Youtube and random blogs, I fell hard for Project Life. I knew that this was the solution to my dust/byte-gathering stacks of photos and memorabilia. That was last year, around September/October.

I had a few speedbumps along the way: (1) the only store that sells Project Life anything here in the Philippines is so far from where I live, (2) I did not have a home printer for the photos and I didn't want to have it printed in a lab and (3) I didn't know to even begin to work on it.



I stumbled on a wonderful site in all the Googling that happened - Studio Calico. It's a monthly subscription kit website from Kentucky, USA. It's basically Project Life materials, classes and tutorials on art, everyday inspiration and a warm and welcoming community rolled into one convenient sushi. After admiring every single project uploaded in the Gallery, every single kit they've released in the past and actively participating in the message boards, I took the plunge and bought my first ever kit (or maybe I should say kits since I did get two!) - Blue Note Project Life Kit and the Blue Note Scrapbook Kit.

I was so impressed with the quality of the contents of the kits, how usable they are and when I saw that I was actually using the contents and not just hoarding them, I decided to subscribe to the Project Life Kit.

Pocket-style Scrapbooking

I haven't really told you what Project Life is all about. In a nutshell, it's a scrapbooking system devised by Becky Higgins which uses five main components: your photos, Project Life cards, a 12 x 12 D-ring binder, Project Life page protectors and your favorite pen.

In it's vanilla state, you won't even need glue or watercolors or stickers or anything. The Project Life cards (that comes in Core or Mini Kits) are designed to take the stress and hassle out of scrapbooking. Just pick a set of cards, a set of photos to go with it and slip them snug into your page protectors. Write some journaling on the spaces provided on the Project Life cards and ta-da! You've preserved a memory.

In this series, I'll help you get started in your own Project Life - supplies you need and where to get them, my process, tips and tricks and more! After the series, I'll start blogging regularly about the spreads I make weekly for my Project Life.