Project Life 2016: Planning the Cover Page


One of my favorite things about January is getting myself ready to take on another year of intentional memory-keeping. Just thinking about starting a new Project Life album for 2016 is giving me a lot of excitement! Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam


  1. I highly believe in the great value that memory-keeping can give to me. Documenting my day-to-day life has allowed me to reflect on myself, explore my own thoughts and rediscover myself.
  2. Memory-keeping through the Project Life method is still one of the best ways that I’ve found to give me that creative release that I need. I like how the task of memory-keeping allows me to get messy with my hands but at the same time, I appreciate how it has a clear task: document this year’s memories, photos and stories.
  3. Looking back at my past albums (both Project Life and travel albums) makes me smile. A lot. And that’s enough for me :)

Despite past failures, I do want to challenge myself still. By December 2016, I will complete my first ever Project Life album. As Barney Stinson would say, “Challenge accepted.

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam


I will be switching things up this year:

  • 9 x 12” black faux leather album
  • monthly dividers
  • gunning for more words / stories, handwritten and printed
  • one album only for the entire year

I’m moving from 12x12” to 9x12” simply because my space cannot accommodate multiple 12x12” albums. It’s just too big for the real estate that I have. Also, a 9x12” fits better in my hands - it will be easier to turn the pages while browsing and it will be easier to create layouts since it fits in my desk space.

I’m continuing on with the monthly system since it worked better for me last year. The stories flowed more naturally and it took the pressure off from having the correct amount of photos, cards, etc. I will be creating monthly dividers as well and I’m thinking of making it as a full 6x12” photo. I just need to figure out where to have these photos printed since my home printer can’t handle anything wider than a legal paper.

I still want to incorporate more words + stories in my albums. I want to combine longform stories through printed text with stream-of-consciousness storytelling to handwritten text.

And to make things more of a challenge, I’m limiting myself to just one album for one year. This will definitely be difficult since I’m moving from a larger album to a smaller one but I want to make this happen. This means being intentional about what I’m putting into the album - photos, stories, embellishments, fillers, etc. It’s about choosing how I want to remember 2016 as well as balancing it with documenting the “real” and the authentic parts of my story (read: those difficult times are still part of your story).

What I've done so far

I don’t actually have my album + page protectors yet so I’m gonna have to be resourceful for now. I’m trimming down my 12x12” page protectors to create 9x12” ones and so far, here’s what I have so far for my cover + what I'm planning to do:

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

The empty pocket on the first row will be a confetti shaker. I'll be adding some star wood veneers, cork stars and wood veneer alphas. I thought it would be a good representation of my intention to include more words + stories in this year's album.

The center card will have a huge 2016 text printed in a fun serif font like Bodoni or Playfair Display.

The bottom pocket will have a grid card stamped multiple times with the word "remember" from Ali's 'Prompts' Story Stamp - similar to what I did in this layout.

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

I recently bought an Instax Share* printer from Japan and I am loving it so, so much! (Good thing I bought about 5-6 packs of Instax film* as well!) I printed all the photos in this layout with the Instax Share to make it a tad bit more special. I chose photos that represent what I want to focus on in this year.

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

For the back side of the cover, I continued on with the Instax photo + patterned background to add a little bit of repetition. For the center card, I'll be using a Kuretake brush pen* (from Japan as well!) to write out my focus for the year which is CREATING + MANIFESTING.

For the bottom pocket, I'm thinking of a simple quote card. Possible a patterned paper with a cutout typewritten text on white paper.

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

Project Life 2016: Plans | Crafted by Pam

As a fun filler, I cut up the painting I did for this blogpost and added a little geometric heart to it using an In A Creative Bubble stamp from Studio Calico with the Versafine Onyx* ink.

And that's pretty much it! I kept it simple but filled with intention - true to my goals for 2016. I have a really good feeling that this will be my first completed album ;) So excited to share with you once I've completed this page!

How about you: have you completed a Project Life layout yet? If not, what's holding you back? If you have, how did it feel? Share away below!