Project Life 2015 • Plans + Cover Page


Before anything else, I want to announce the winner of the giveaway! It was a fun thing reading all the new things y'all did last 2014 and really, it made clear to me how important it is to do something new and just go with it ;) Without further ado, the winner is...


I have e-mailed you the details to claim your prize using the address you used when you commented so check that out please. Here was Thea's comment on something new she did in 2014:

Elle's Studio Giveaway Winner!

Going back into the swing of things, after sharing with you what I've learned about Project Life last year, I got so excited to write about what my plans are for 2015. Many things have changed in my process. And I am embracing it :)

A little context into my 'lifestyle'

Just to give you an overview as to why this process works for me, I thought it would be fitting to share what my day-to-day routine is. I have a very demanding work schedule (around 9AM to 6PM, on a good day, 8PM on not-so-good days). My commute is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half long (sometimes two). I also do freelance graphic design on the side + blogging + help manage my boyfriend's basketball blog. I can be very, very busy.

On my spare time, I like to go out with my family, bestfriends and / or my boyfriend. Usually on Fridays and Saturdays. I also watch a lot of Youtube videos - shoutout to my favorites: ItsJudysLife, essiebutton and heyclaire!

I find it difficult to allocate a fixed schedule for scrapbooking. Typically, I'm only able to work on it every Sundays and Mondays, about 1.5 hours per day.

My Project Life 2015 process

I'm going to do this with bullets so as not to make this post any longer than it should be. If you have specific questions, just go ahead and ask in the comments. I reply all the time (almost, at least) :)

  • Binder Size: I am sticking with 12x12" binders this year. I love the format + the space I get with it. In case you're interested on what I'm album I'm using, I'm actually not using any at the moment hahaha. I have a spare, battered album that I use to house all the page protectors until I'm ready to move them into their permanent homes. I do love the black WRMK faux leather album so I might use those again :)
  • Number of Albums: Ideally, one. But I won't mind having two albums, maximum.
  • Format: I am doing a monthly format for 2015, focusing on telling by the stories rather than by the dates. For example, my first few spreads are all about New Year's Eve.
  • Style: I'm going with photos + stories first with intentional embellishments. This is what I discovered that I liked last year ;) So, really, there's value in just letting yourself experiment with different methods + styles in your first run.
  • Products: I will be sticking with using monthly kits from Elle's Studio, as well as supplement them (if needed) with Studio Calico kits :) It's really efficient for me when I use products from one kit.
  • Schedule: I will still mostly create on Sundays / Mondays, depending on my mood. Since I'm scrapping based on stories rather than dates, I find that I have better motivation to get it done. Case in point: I finished the NYE spreads the day right after NYE.

And that is it! Simple + easy. It's all about getting things done while enjoying the process ;) My 2015 cover page is an example of the style I've developed over the past year!

Project Life 2015: Cover Page • Organized! by Pam

It's simple and it focuses on the feeling that I get every time I look at that photo I took at Tokyo, Japan last March. That feeling of peace and everything falling into place. That's what I want 2015 to feel like - that everything will finally stop shaking and start settling into my new normal.


These are actually two pages on top of each other. I love how the stamping on the second page (which has the photo) peeks through the transparency, just right under the Hello 2015 embellishment. Intentional embellishing right there.

Project Life 2015: Cover Page • Organized! by Pam

Simple. That's how I want to end this post ;)

Project Life 2015: Cover Page • Organized! by Pam

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