Project Life 2014: Week 7

It's Friday so that means I'm here to share a Project Life spread with you! If you haven't figured that out already ;) You can check out my spreads from the last few weeks here if you're new or you know, just want some PL inspiration (hopefully!).

Without further ado, Week 7!

7 0

This week was a bit less hectic than the last week. I was focused on helping my sister prepare for her prom (I feel so old!). We looked for a white dress for her to wear during the cotillion dance. After hours of walking, we didn't find anything /sigh

7 A

I really like this spread - it felt well-balanced to me. I had filler cards and full photo pockets together and I feel like that makes the layout less cluttered. I'm leaning towards less embellishments as the weeks go by but let's see if I'll keep this style.

Left-Hand Side

 7 D

7 B

One of my favorite title cards! (Okay, I say that to almost every title card...) This one did me proud because it was featured in Studio Calico's newsletter for the Day by Day class ;)

7 I

7 G

Okay, I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture.  I follow anime, manga, their fashion and I even study the language. One of my favorites is the Rurouni Kenshin manga series. The mangaka (writer/illustrator) released a new, reworked version of the old series and called it the Restoration version. I'm curious about how different this will be from the original storyline and whether or not they'll clarify some loose ends on the original series so I bought the first two volumes (those were the only ones on the shelf)!

7 H

7 F

I went to a Lettering/Typography workshop and it was a nice experience. I got to meet different people who were also interested in lettering.

I also introduced something new this week - the Week in Review card! Just a quick rundown of things that happened that week + other stuff that didn't have a picture.

7 E

7 C

I really like seeing my imperfect handwriting on my spreads. I feel like it's one of the best way to add a personal touch to your  layouts. Don't you think so?

That's it for Week 7 people! If you guys also do Project Life, feel free to share your spreads via the comment section :)