Project Life 2014: Week 5

I am back with a Project Life spread share! I seriously need to post these faster so I can catch up. There are days when you don't really feel like fussing about how your Project Life spread looks like. This is one of those weeks. In my head, sometimes, done is better than perfect ;)

5 0

This week was mostly about my youngest sister's piano recital. It was her first ever recital on an actual stage with a big enough audience. She has become so passionate about piano and it shows on her performance. After that, we celebrated with yummy cupcakes at the new Cupcakes by Sonja's branch at Trinoma.

5 A

Just got to say - I'm not a cupcake person (sorry, not sorry!) but these cupcakes were the bomb. I like how moist the cake was and how you can actually taste the flavors, not just the sugar!

Left-hand Side

5 B

On this side, you can see the message from my swap partner that I blogged about in Week 4. Such a sweet note!

In case you haven't noticed, I love including washi tape into my cards. Some people can't seem to find a place for washi tape in their spreads but for me, it's the perfect oomph that  my cards need to make it feel complete and done - especially on lazy days!

5 C

I'm really enjoying die-cuts! I love the dimension it creates without the bulkiness. I'm definitely eyeing a Silhouette Cameo when I get a job!

5 E

In our university cafeteria, there are two floors full of food kiosks. I seldom go to the second floor since I'm more familiar with the food they sell on the first floor. One day, I had a huge craving for Japanese food and I gasped at the fact that no one on the first floor sells anything remotely Japanese! So I checked out the second floor and saw this one stall selling all Japanese dishes! Oh yeah! 

Right-Hand Side

5 HI love the Doodle thickers from the Printshop collection. I'm seriously considering purchasing another set... but I must resist! (I'm on a #nospend challenge!) Also, I'm a convert. I am completely enamored by BIGBANG (a k-pop group). I used to not like anything k-pop because the only ones I knew were the girl groups. But my oh my, BIGBANG is such a creative group. I love their music, their videos and their fashion. So unique!

5 D

I accidentally left my university ID when I switched bags so I had to use a temporary ID for that day. This always happens to me when I switch bags!

5 F

5 G

Remember the "Make Good Art" freebie wallpaper? I actually made those in this week when I was prepping for Studio Calico's Life|Scripted class ;)

That's it for Week 5! Not my best, I'll admit but hey, it's one week of memories I got to preserve ;)  Do you do Project Life? Link your album in the comments section, I'd love to check it out!