Project Life 2014: Cover + Week 1

After all the talk on Project Life and its bare essentials, I'm finally ready to share with you my own pages from the 2014 book. This is also (yes, I'm assuming you're gonna be on board with me here!) my first year of Project Life so there's a lot of experimenting with different styles and different techniques. I battled long and hard with myself about this because I wanted to have a uniform look all throughout my book but I decided to let myself wild and free for this year. Who knows what I can discover about my own personal style?

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Today, I'm sharing with you my 2014 cover page + the first week spread. I decided to do one spread per week to at least tame my Type A-woes with the "whatever goes" plan I've got going here. Okay, enough babbling and more photos! Here we go ;)

2014 Cover Page

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I went for a more relaxed, minimalist look for the title page. I wanted the focus to be on the two photographs that I had to make black and white since the quality wasn't all that great. Subtle blues and eye-popping red as accents to the overall page.

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Week 1

1 A

I went a little - okay, maybe a lot - cray on this spread and just let loose. I did not plan anything and just stuck photos and embellishments where it felt right. Looking back, I can point out a few things I shouldn't have done but could be pretty interesting to flip over these pages come January 2015 and see the evolution in my scrapbooking style.

I decided on a weekly spread format with a week title card. Like I said, I'm experimenting with style and technique but I need some kind of order as to how I do things.

Left-hand side

1 B

1 C

RIght-hand side

1 D

1 E

As you can see, I made some mistakes like not letting the ink dry before moving around the other elements, misaligned stamps and sloppy writing. I just let it be since I figured I'm trying to document real life.

And that's it for my first Project Life spread share! Do you also do Project Life? Share your Title Page + Week 1 with me in the comments! I'll be sure to drop by and see your awesome, heartfelt work of art :)