Planning a Life Album

When I discovered Project Life last year, I knew I could do different kinds of memory-keeping projects with it. I've dabbled into travel albums and mini-books but when my mom gave me a huge box filled with old photo albums, loose childhood photos and ephemera (school certificates and medals, letters, etc.), I knew what my next project would be - a Life Album.

Planning a Life Album • Organized! by Pam

A Life Album is basically a documentation of one person from her birth until high school. The idea came after the fact that my two younger sisters did not have completed baby albums. When they were young, our household was a tad bit crazy and chaotic so any kind of documentation was put on the back-burner.

game plan

  1. Collection. The first order of business is basically gathering everything - photos, ephemera, stories, etc. It's a huge undertaking and the project spans over 15/16 years of memories so this is something that I'll be working on bit by bit.
  2. Scan + Print. I'm scanning all the photos and printing them as I need them because the original copies are in different sizes and some photos overlap and will also be used for my other sister's Life Album (for example, pictures of my two sisters together).
  3. Pulling out a kit. I'm so excited for this one! I know for other scrapbookers, it's usual to pull out certain cards, embellishments and paper for your projects, similar to having a homemade "kit" for that specific project. I've never done that before because my stash is quite small. But since this project is huge, I want to work with a curated set of products that will help create a consistent theme throughout the album. I let my sisters choose a color scheme and I'll build a kit around that.
  4. Design Plan. Again, it's a huge project so I don't think my usual go-with-the-flow plan (that I usually employ in Project Life) will work. I have a plan in my head, more like a guide really, and I'll share that soon :)
  5. Set a schedule. I see myself working on this project for a few months so I want to set a schedule for it - I'm thinking a dedicated session every two weeks. Just to break up the project into smaller chunks. Having a kit + design plan will help pick right back where I left off so working on it throughout a long period of time wouldn't be difficult or confusing.

Planning a Life Album • Organized! by Pam

right now

I've already sorted out the box that my mom gave me into piles - one for me and one for each of my sisters. I've scanned one pile of photos already and I'm thinking of curating the kit for Alyssa (one of my sisters).

I had Alyssa pick three colors that she liked together from the Studio Calico Color Theory Swatch Book and she picked: Glass Slipper, Coral Bay and Poppy. I have a few ideas in my head as to which products I'll be using for her Life Album. I might get around to curating her kit this week.

Planning a Life Album • Organized! by Pam

I'm so excited for this project! It's a huge undertaking that will probably take me a few months to complete but I think it's a great way to document a huge part of our lives. I'll be sharing the entire process here on my blog so I hope I can inspire some of you to dig up those old photos + memories and make your own Life Albums :)