IN MOTION: 'Last-minute June' Project Life Layout


I was determined to get out of the creative rut that I've been drowning in for that past few weeks so I decided to scrap on-the-go. There's magic in changing up your environment - trading in your concrete walls for lots of natural light and a whiff of freshly brewed coffee. So the next Sunday, I went to Coffee Empire - a local Third Wave coffee shop that's about a five-minute drive from my home.  I brought the Elle's Studio June kit with me along with some of my Project Life essentials and... shot a process video!

I am treading unfamiliar (digital) waters here!

Without further ado (and babbling from me), here's how I crafted the layouts for Elle's Studio's June gallery.

This was a lot of fun to shoot and honestly, a pretty good introduction to the intimidating world of Youtube and videos. Help a sister out and give me some feedback ;)

  • Do you like the video format?
  • Music or voice-overs? Frankly, I'm still quite terrified about the idea of recording my voice but I'm interested + listening!

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*I don't intend for this channel to be a purely Project Life / scrapbooking channel. I'm just enjoying the video format as a way to spice things up here in my blog!