Less Stress: Social Media Planning


For me, writing a blog post isn't just as simple as writing a blog post. It involves so many other processes, small and big. Usually, I have to shoot + edit photos for the blog post before anything else. After writing the blog post, I have to layout it properly so it shows up the way I want it to. And then (as if I have all the time in the world), I have to tweet + Facebook + Instagram about it. It's a long process. I don't actually do everything in one sitting. I would usually shoot + edit photos on weekends (since I have a 9-5 job) and then blog sometime during the week and schedule it for publishing.

One tricky part is social media sharing. I remember when I used to set an alarm on my phone for when my blog post gets published. Then I have to manually draft my social media posts and publish those after my blog post goes live. When I wasn't working a day job yet, it all worked out well. But now that I'm usually out of the house and have limited access to the Internet, I sometimes forget to share my blog posts on social media.

Hello CoSchedule!

And then I found out about CoSchedule. (I don't really remember how, I probably just stumbled upon it while browsing the www.) CoSchedule is a Wordpress plug-in that allows you to manage your social media sharing for a small fee. You can connect all the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, just to name a few) and post updates straight from the Wordpress plug-in. And it is seriously good-looking too.

Organized! by Pam • Less Stress: Social Media Planning

Two-Minute Overview


There's a lot of features packed into this sleek plug-in by my personal favorite is the Social Queue because it allows me to efficiently automate my social media posts. Automation = Less Stress.

Automate your Social Media Posts

The Social Queue is an easy way for me to schedule post at different time periods - at the same time as my blog post goes lives, a day after, a week after, etc. It helps me create a steady drip of traffic + flow to my blog posts without me having to manually promote it on my social media platforms.Organized! by Pam • Less Stress: Social Media Planning

Here's a sneak peek into a blog post that I've schedule to go live later this week. I already have three social media posts automated. It saves me the stress of having to do this manually when the blog post goes live. It's so easy to move things around also - I originally planned to have this post go live today but then decided to move it. The only thing that I had to do was to drag and drop the scheduled posts in the calendar. Yep, just drag 'em and drop 'em!

Sharing "Timeless" Blog Posts

Whenever I write a blog post that's more informational than my usual "update" type posts, I want to make sure that I share it from time to time. I spend a lot of time + effort for posts like tutorials and freebies so it's important to me for those posts to reach those who need them.

[Tweet "When you have created great content, consistently share it to the world."]

The Question of Authenticity

With automation comes the question of authenticity: Are you still being authentic about sharing your blog posts?

One key difference between CoSchedule and other scheduling apps / services is that it gives you all the tools to easily craft authentic social media posts for your audience. You're not just retweeting or resharing the same thing over and over again. You are taking the time to efficiently draft your social media posts in advance.

Organized! by Pam • Less Stress: Social Media Planning

This is where the magic happens. It's a simple, well-designed form that allows you to easily select the social media platform + craft an authentic message to your viewers. So, unless you're copying + pasting the same thing, each message should still accurately represent you, your blog and your blog post.

Try it today!

CoSchedule made my workflow easier and more efficient. I can't imagine going back to the way I did my social media publishing before. Thank you, technology!

Full disclaimer: I am not affiliated with CoSchedule in any way. Writing this review gives me an opportunity for a 50% discount on this amazing service. I wouldn't bother writing this review (and getting the discount) if I didn't love it to begin with :)