Less Stress: From 5PM to 9AM


I've renamed my Stress-Busting Strategy blog series into Less Stress. I find that alliteration quite fun + catchy and really, the previous series name was just too long for me. Just to refresh your memories - Less Stress is all about incorporating small changes into your daily routine. Small changes that can impact your productivity + well-being in a big way.

Less Stress: From 5PM to 9AM • Organized! by Pam

Usually, when I plan my days, I start from the moment I'm actually awake (that's different from just having my eyes open and watching TV / scrolling through Instagram mindlessly, ha!) until my desired end time. Sometimes, this method works for me. However, when my days are little more overwhelming than usual,  I tend to overbook my day. My ideal schedule is from 9AM to 5PM but on busy days, I have to work until 8/9PM, maybe even later. I've found a solution that works for me and I thought I'd share this with anyone who might benefit from it ;)

Instead of planning your day from the ground up, switch things up and plan it from the sky down.

This means, starting your plans from 5:00PM (or whatever end time you prefer) and plan backwards until 9:00AM (or whatever start time you prefer). Why? Well, two reasons.

You are more likely to allocate reasonable hours for each task / project that you have to do since it's easier to say no to working earlier than nine in the morning.

Finishing your work hours at the time you set, say five in the afternoon, will give you that energy boost since you're not going on overtime + you have more time to do whatever you want.

Really, it's a small change that could potentially create ripples of productivity into your daily grind. What is there to lose? I do this when I know for sure that I'll have a very busy week / day. This way, I can set reasonable deadline + plan more efficiently. I think that's a check in my book ;)