Last-minute June Inspiration! -- Elle's Studio Reveal


Since I was in the midst of several blog-related changes - including some issues with my domain name, yikes! - I wasn't able to publish this on time. Sadly, the June 2015 Elle's Studio kits are all sold out but I do believe that inspiration can be derived from these layouts still. So, take a deep breath and... devour.

You are going to love this. So freakin' much.

This June reveal is a biggie - a fresh and jam-packed exclusive kit (one of my favorites to date!) which is literally the largest (in terms of content) Elle's Studio has released.

June 2015 Kit

Move over, pinks and yellow! This summery kit is all about the ocean and the sun. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of orange but juxtapose it with a swoon-worthy blue and I'm all about that palette. Seriously, when I opened this package, I was so excited about the lack of pinks and the abundance of blues! And just to keep you excited, again, this is the largest kit to date and includes five vellum pieces! #ExcitingTimes

Hello June! // Elle's Studio Reveal • Organized! by Pam

I was so pumped up by the June kit that I decided to drift away a little bit from my simple + minimalist style for my layouts. I went to town with the tags, stamps and embellishments! I think the change of scrapping environment (I scrapped at a coffee shop!) also helped ;) So just a quick tip - if you're in a memory-keeping / creative rut, try to change the environment! It does wonders.

I haven't done a spread in aaaaageeeesss. Ever since I ditched the weekly format, I've been working on one page at a time. It's a nice change of pace for me and I really like seeing how the whole spread will look like as I'm working on it.

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam


#01 // Bingo!

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Ahhhh! I was seriously over the moon when I finally got to call this digi-baby mine. This has been at the top of my Must Buy list and the day finally came. Now, the next challenge is to actually learn how to take breathtaking and intentional photos with it. Challenge accepted.

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

For two solid years, my smart phone (HTC One M7) has been my only photography buddy. It took great photos - except only when in great natural lighting due to some software defects. It has been a good long time, One! Now, you have to revert back into your original role as my communication device.

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Cards up! It's Bingo Night at my office! And sadly, I didn't win anything even with a shockingly copious amount of playing cards. When luck isn't your side, there's really not much you can't do in games like these. Nonetheless, it was fun hanging out with my office mates and chowing down corn snacks.


#02 // Sundate #2

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

For our second Sundate (Sunday + Date -- read about the first one here!), Nico chose to try out archery! He has been dying to try out this sport - archers are his personal favorites and what a great coincidence it was that I'm a Sagittarius? - so we headed up to a nearby archery range (after some quick Googling), Gandiva.

Quick summary -- loved it.

After a finger-exhausting archery session, we drove up to the nearest new mall (a social media discovery by me!) and was pumped up to find that the mall was basically our mall - no crowds, chill vibe, lots of natural light, has good restaurants and great coffee shops. (And of course, how can I forget the free wi-fi?) Definitely our new hang-out place!

Last-minute June! // Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

For all you memory-keepers out there, I would love to derive inspiration from your memory-keeping layouts as well! Link them in the comment section down below :)