Japan 2014: Tsukuba Central Park + Museum of Art

Last day in Japan, so bittersweet! I've been putting off blogging about this since once this is done, I feel like my Japan trip is really over. (Yes, you can laugh now.) Oh well, I still have my travel album to keep reminding me how amazing this trip was ;)


Since our flight is not until in the afternoon, we decided to walk around the area. Fortunately for us, a friend of our sensei joined us and took us to the Central Park.

On the way to the park, we passed by a family selling huge, red strawberries! The couple was so kind and even gave us a few strawberries to taste. Now, I don't like eating the strawberry fruit itself. I prefer strawberries as smoothies, juices, cakes, etc. But this one was so sweet and yummy!


Tsukuba City Central Park. It was so peaceful! There were a few families walking around the park with their cute, little kiddos.



Photo opportunity! Obviously, I was so sad about leaving Japan!

After some time at the park, we went inside the Ibaraki Museum of Art. How I wish all public libraries and museums in the Philippines looked this amazing! I couldn't take photos inside the library but there were a lot of kids reading books and some students doing their homework. In a public library. AMAZING.

We chanced upon an on-going photography exhibit! We even met one of the photographers!





Time to go back to the hotel! Oh, how I'll miss seeing these signs and flowerbeds while walking "home."




We rode a bus to Narita Airport. I tried so hard not to fall asleep during the ride just to be able to look out the window and catch my last glimpse of the country. (I fell asleep in an hour; I think all the walking and traveling got to me at this point.)


At the airport, we did some (read: a lot) of last-minute shopping for gifts to take back home.


And we *tried* taking a photo of everyone while waiting to board the bus that will take us to the plane.


さよなら、にっぽん!I'll see you again, hopefully next year!