Inspiration Blog Hop!


I received a really nice e-mail from Amelia of Amelia Writes a few days back. (You might remember her featuring me on her Creative Conversations... no? Well now you know.) She tagged me into this Inspiration Blog Hop and I figured it'll be nice to spread some inspiration around ;)

What are you working on?

I have a LOT of things on my plate at the moment (and it does get the best of me sometimes). Being a fresh graduate, freelance designer and a hopeful small business owner gives me so many different hats to wear every day.

Project Life + Travel Album

My biggest personal project is keeping up with my 2014 Project Life album and finishing my Japan 2014 travel album.

Inspiration blog hop! • Organized! by Pam

It's been an extremely fun creative experience for me and even if I'm around 15 (!!) weeks behind, I still find the joy in creating these spreads.

Inspiration blog hop! • Organized! by Pam

A smaller scale personal project of mine is wrapping up my Japan 2014 travel album. I've already finished two days (out of four) and I am so ready to close this album and call it done!

Organized! by Pam

I've been working hard in setting up Organized! by Pam as a blog and as a central hub for all my creative work - freelance design, scrapbooking, etc. There will be a lot of changes this month *fingers crossed!* and I'm both anxious and excited for this development.

How does your work differ from others?

Right now, I'm in the process of figuring out what I really want to focus on :) In terms of Project Life, I don't really have my own style yet, I've been experimenting pretty much on every spread to find out what I truly like.

You'll see this soon when I start sharing my spreads again but I think one thing that might be different with the way I do Project Life is that a make a challenge for myself on every spread. Use a green color scheme, use an embellishment I don't like, add an insert, etc.! It's my way of exploring + challenging my creativity ;)

How does your creating process work?

I always, always start with some kind of inspiration. It doesn't have to be design or scrapbook/Project Life-related. Sometimes I watch some beauty videos, sometimes I scroll through the Studio Calico gallery or sometimes I just listen to music. It depends on my mood, really.

Inspiration blog hop! • Organized! by Pam

Since I don't have a table to scrap, I usually have to set-up on the floor. I can't just scrap whenever I want to so I always "prep" my spreads ahead of time - print all the photos and plan 'em, choose the cards I'll be using and sketch some ideas on my planner. So when I do have the time and real estate to scrap, I can just dive right into it.

Inspiration blog hop! • Organized! by Pam

I always start with the title card first and everything is pretty much random from that point. I journal and stamp my dates at the very end :)

That's a wrap! These questions were really fun to answer and I'm going to do all you guys a favor and tag two three amazing ladies - NicoleChristine and Pamela! Also, if you want to do it to, go ahead! Leave a link to your blog and I'd love to check it out :)