Finally, my long overdue vlog from the Manila concert of BIGBANG's [MADE] Tour! Let's refresh our minds a bit: last July 30, I went to BIGBANG's concert (all by myself!) and basically had the time of my life - more on that story here. I loosely planned on filming a vlog-type video since I wanted to document this day but I didn't really got a lot of good footage *oops* When you're in the moment and feeling #allthefeels, it's pretty easy to get lost and to just soak it all in (without a camera in tow).

I'm glad I still tried to film and for all you BIGBANG fans out there (and maybe those who are curious!). If you liked the video, let me know in the comments! Plus, subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven't, I post my videos there first before blogging about them ;)