Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal


This year has been full of experiments and even my Project Life albums were subjected to constant shuffling. I've been trying out new routines, new processes, new formats and new mindsets each time I sit down and craft. One thing has been constant -- my Elle's Studio kits. A day late to the party but wildly excited nonetheless, it's Reveal Day!

August 2015 Kit

When I first opened the kit, I knew this was waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. I mean, all those pinks just weren't my style. However, while I was planning out my layouts, it surprised me to see how much of the kit I was adding into my To Use For This Layout Stash. The sentiments were perfect for the story I was trying to visualize in Project Life form. So, a word of advice, if you find yourself initially put off by something, don't just trash it. Give yourself a few intentional moments to let those pieces organically work its way into your process. You might just surprise yourself ;)

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

The regular price of the kit is $11.99 (~PHP 530). These amazing kits are limited and they contain exclusive items. Once it runs out, they’re not restocking it so… run.

And as per normal, if you're thinking of going crazy in the memory-keeping department, Elle's Studio has some eye-candy add-ons for you to expand your already-packed-to-the-brim kits:

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

'oh no!' stamp set / 'xo' acrylics

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

'here we go' printables / august digital cut files

looking for more inspiration?

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Aside from the inspo that you can easily access via the Design Team gallery + the Elle's Studio blog, Elle's Studio is now offering monthly mini classes in the form of a downloadable PDF which will include new ways to use the kit, creative jumpstarts and inspiration from three contributors. Each mini course is only available for the month it was released in so make sure to grab your spot now! All of these for a lovely price tag of $4.99 (~ Php 230). What a deal.


looking for an even greater deal?

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

One thing I've discovered this month that has been revolutionary (for me): it is so much easier to do a Project Life layout on a story that I've already blogged.

Why? I've already fleshed out the words and taken the time to unearth the story from my memories, which is very important for my memory-keeping vision this year. Case in point: I made a layout for the 10th anniversary celebration with my soul sisters and basically copied (and edited a bit) the words from the blogpost into my journaling cards. This neat little discovery afforded me more time to experiment with my layout and add a few unexpected embellishments (hello, resin hearts!).

10 Years of Friendship

Heya August! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

I first tried the horizontal photo spread on my New Year's Eve layout and thought it was perfect to highlight a photo from our Anniversary Sleepover. Also, I unearthed my dabbers for the fun 'bullet points' that I made with the text from this post. Just dabbed it lightly, let it dry a bit and slapped on a white asterisk from my favorite Elle's Studio white letters and numbers sticker set! Quick and easy Project Life layouts need not be boring ;)

Visit the Design Team Gallery for inspiration (x10)!

I hope you enjoyed this post and picked a few Project Life techniques for your own memory-keeping adventures. There are four months left in my partnership with Elle's Studio and I'm currently brimming with ideas on how to add more value for you in this series.

Just a couple more things:

  1. I'm launching a new monthly series on intention-filled Project Life. If you have questions that you have been burning to ask or just thoughts filed away on this matter, please let me know in the comments! I want to make this series as valuable as it can be to all the Project Lifers in my tribe.
  2. If you're keen to see my Project Life journey, you can click-through the PL archives here!