Hey July! -- Elle's Studio Reveal


Whoa-nelly. Half of the year has passed us by already?! Sometimes (or oftentimes, really), time just rushes forward, no warnings and no 'pause' buttons. Time has a habit of doing that but thankfully, we all have a way to travel back through my favorite memory-keeping method, Project Life. It's the 10th of the month (PST) and that means one thing to wild scrapbookers -- Elle's Studio Reveal Time!

July 2015 Kit

Oooohhh, those pops of red are definitely making me a little bit biased towards this kit! My favorites -- after a closer inspection -- are all the contrasts: good morning and good night, AM and PM. Plus! The watercolor effects are definitely right up my alley. The cool blue tones are also perfect since the rainy season is upon us (there will be three consecutive, and even overlapping, storms in the next few days!).


For this day only, you can get the kit for $9.99 (~PHP 450). After that, it goes up to the regular price of $11.99 (~PHP 530). These amazing kits are limited and they contain exclusive items. Once it runs out, they’re not restocking it so... run.

and a little bit of extra (for the quick clickers)


The first 150 kits purchased will receive the 'love this' acrylic piece as a free gift and special thank you (!!) – this acrylic piece will not be available for purchase separately! Elle's Studio will keep the product listing updated to reflect when the free gift is no longer available.

If you're scrapbooking up a storm this July, Elle's Studio has a couple of add-ons that will expand your kit further:


'weekend' stamp set / acrylic stars


'weekend' printables / july cut files

My first few days of July held massive moments for me --from launching a blog to finally driving on my own -- it definitely started with a loud, resounding bang! To also shake things up a bit in the memory-keeping front, I'm using a different page protector configuration for my Project Life layout + I'm adding in a 6 x 12" layout. Tryin' to keep things interesting ;)

Here we go!


01 // blog launch

Hey July! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Of course this was going to go on my Project Life! I technically launched my blog on June 29 but my launch week was June 29 to July 3 so I opted to move the entire blog launch story. I took a screenshot of my website and this blogpost. I'm thinking of doing this every time I change the design of my blog; since my blog is a huge part of me now, I'd love to document it's journey as well!


02 // best iced mocha ever

Hey July! -- Elle's Studio Reveal | Organized! by Pam

Setting up my laptop + BE&BH modules at our living room for some cozy blog work. Continuously in awe of the many nuggets of wisdom + interesting insights in the BE&BH modules - I've been re-reading each one! Working from a cafe because of the inclement weather. Going to Craft Coffee for the best iced mocha... ever. Plotting out my blogposts for the next few weeks. Connecting with fellow bloghearted babes on our Facebook group. Enjoying the colder temperature brought by the three storms that's headed our way (actually, one just left).

Visit the Design Team Gallery for inspiration (x10)!

Over to you: what wild memories are you looking to revisit and reflect on? And what are your memory-keeping goals this July? I'd love to know, share it in the comments and I'll be sure to send a package of support and you-got-this vibes over your way!