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A good morning / afternoon / evening to you! It's currently 4:30PM here in the Philippines and I just got back from my first ever solo driving trip (more on that next time!). Hello! Hello! And welcome! | Organized! by Pam

It's been a long time since I last wrote in this space, a few weeks I believe. I can almost see the dust settling into the neglected pages and stagnant blogposts. Quite frankly, as empty and lifeless as this space have been, there's quite a lot of energy bubbling behind the scenes. Finally, the stars have aligned for me to take Rachel MacDonald's game-changer course, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted.

And what a game-changer it was.

I have been blogging on and off for a few years now (ever since I discovered this amazing world through Neopets - holla to everyone who remembers that online game!) but never soulfully, never invested and never with clarity. It was just one of those things that I liked to do on the side and because for the most part, I never gained traction in any of my past blogs (uhm, how many times will I say never before I get to my point?), it just never went anywhere.

Just after one week of mind muscle flexing and lots of furious scribbling (the BE&BH worksheets will definitely test your mind and your ability to write as fast as you think), I've gained something I've always lacked before - clarity.

Before I mumble some more, I figured it would be the right time to re-introduce this space (both to you and to me).

Organized! by Pam is a creative outlet for me as I try to navigate my life. It's a space for me to share the corners of the world that I have been blessed to explore and immerse in. A space for me to showcase what it's like to live in the Philippines. But this space is more than that. It's a space for me to share the little tidbits of life that can guide you into crafting an intentional lifestyle. I will be designing resources + tools that have instigated ripples of good and effective change into my life and how organization, intention and memory-keeping factor in all of this.

To celebrate my blog re-launch, I've got something good for you!

Get this free (!!) e-book by joining my soul-tribe, Commune!

E-mail Sanity is a 17-page goodie that I have been working on for the past month. I wrote it because up until recently, I've always been overwhelmed with my inbox. I wanted to get out of this rut; I felt like I was missing out on important e-mails and I have been replying many days later than I should be. I thought this mini-guide (with worksheets!) will help you if you're experience some form of e-mail chaos.

get this goodie by joining my soul-tribe


I am incredibly excited to embark into this completely new and refreshing journey of sharing my daily experiences in this space and hoping - with everything I've got - that my stories and little (mis)adventures resonate with you.

As with the constantly evolving digital landscape, you can find me in a whole range of online platforms  - Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Google+ / Pinterest / Youtube - and I'd love to spark some good conversation and all-around good vibes. You have to tell me a bit more about you ;)

P.S. Writing has never been my strongest suit and I have *always* doubted my ability to write. But today, I am confidently saying that I am writing truly from the core, as soulfully as I can.
P.P.S. Consider this the rebirth of my 'lion cub' (aka my blog)! Marking June 29 on my calendar!