Featured in Texan in Tokyo: Why “Amazing Race” Travel Itineraries Are Not My Thing


Popping in quickly to let you know that I guest-posted in one of my all-time favorite blogs, Texan in Tokyo! (See me fangirling over here.) Why “Amazing Race” Travel Itineraries Are Not My Thing -- Featured in Texan in Tokyo | Organized! by Pam

Here's a quick snippet for all of you and then I invite you to hop on over to Grace's blog to read the rest:


I just booked my eight-day trip to Japan this December and naturally, I spend a hundred hours a day (okay, maybe about two to three) scouring the internet for eight-day itineraries that match my interests. For some reason, I never learn.

Every time I look for itineraries (in the hopes of simplifying the planning-a-trip-to-a-different-country process), I can’t find anything I like.


Most of the itineraries that people share around the web seem like a nerve-wracking episode of Amazing Race.


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