Featured in Design Made Happy: Day by Day, a life documented


Long time no see / read! While I'm busy working away my hours for my upcoming in-person workshop, Day by Day, I guest posted on an up-and-coming design blog from one of the most creative companies here in Manila! Exciting times, eh? Featured in Design Made Happy Day by Day, a life documented

Quick little sneak peek for you!

Back in 2013, when I did one of my annual “spring” cleaning marathons, I unearthed a box filled with high school memories: tickets to the annual play, Battle of the Bands flyers, report cards, ID (with the not-so-nice photo of me), graduation photos, a Timezone card and lots of other items that I kept safe throughout my high school years.

I haven’t seen this box in about three or four years and it felt amazing taking the so-called trip to memory lane. I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t be keeping all these wonderful (and sometimes, painful) memories inside this box.”

I wanted to find a way to safekeep these moments and at the same time, easily recall them.

I opened up my Pinterest app and started searching for memory-keeping methods. A lot of it felt too outdated, messy, time-consuming and just not my cup of tea… until I stumbled upon Project Life.

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