December Daily 2014


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Oh, December Daily. Where do I even begin? I've been going back and forth on this whole issue of whether or not to do December Daily. I love the idea, I love the concept of the project and well, I love all the Christmas / Holiday-themed items. But I had some major, can't-get-over-it issues that I need to settle:

  • I don't like the idea of having a separate 6x8" album for DD. Primarily because I don't have the real estate for it. I already have 2 12x12" albums per year for Project Life, 6x8" albums per major travel and the 12x12" life albums (one for each member of the family).
  • The official December Daily 2014 kit from Ali Edwards' price tag was too steep for me. I'm still cutting back on a lot of my spending because I have to prioritize other things - my capsule wardrobe, paying off debt and travelling.
  • Our family doesn't really celebrate Christmas in a huge, decoration-filled kind of way. We keep it pretty simple because we're in a tight budget. We also don't decorate the house - no trees, no lights.

So I was decided. I wasn't going to do December Daily. I planned to do an insert or two during the holidays and that's it.

But then, I received a wonderful opportunity + blessing in the form of Elle's Studio's Celebrate December event! Jenni invited me to become a guest blogger / contributor and sent over an amazing array of products from their Good Cheer collection. Then my mind-wheels started turning... hmmm, maybe I can do December Daily differently?

I racked my brain for ideas and searched high and low for inspiration. Finally, I decided to do it. I'm doing December Daily 2014, y'all!

December Daily 2014 • Organized! by Pam


I don't have a clear-cut plan yet for this project but I do have solutions to the problems I mentioned above:

  • Include December Daily in my Project Life album. Nope, no separate albums here ;) Instead of doing a regular PL for December, I'll switch it up and do it DD-style.
  • I'll use the Good Cheer collection from Elle's Studio + my own stash / printables. This is really what sealed the deal for me! The Christmas / Holiday-themed goodies from Elle's Studio are definitely irresistible *drooling*
  • Create December traditions, from scratch. Who said I can't start a December tradition, right? This year, I'm starting an Advent Calendar for both of my sisters. This year, I'm going to see the Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga. This year, I'm going ice skating with my family.

Since I'm using 12x12" page protectors for this one, I'm thinking about all the options I have. I'm leaning towards using 1/2 of Design A per day and then adding a few inserts here and there. I will also make a tabbed divider that signals that beginning of December Daily. Kind of like a cover.

And then there's the question of prepping your pages. I'm still looking for more inspiration but I will prep a few pockets / cards beforehand. I'm dreaming of gold glitter, transparencies and overlays. I might make a Pinterest board for it, let's see.


Reading back on this post, I realize that I don't really have a solid plan yet aside from the fact that I'll be doing December Daily this year. Ha, sorry about that. But anyway, I'm excited! I hope this year's Christmas + Holidays will be different from the ones we've had before!

Are you also doing December Daily? Share your plans + advice on the comment section! I sure need them!