Day by Day 2017: Cover Page (+ an announcement!)


As soon as I came back from a six-week vacation in the United States, I sat myself down and started creating the cover page for my Day by Day 2017 album. I was so excited about this since I'm doing things a tiny bit different this year (you can read my memory-keeping plans blogpost for the full deets).

In case you're new here (welcome!), a Day by Day album is a personal project of mine where I document my everyday experiences in a pocket-page album.

Day by Day 2017: Cover Page | Crafted by Pam

I've created Day by Day albums since 2014 and I've always shared bits and pieces of it here in the blog and on Instagram. Every time, I get handful of questions about how I created my layouts, where I got the supplies I used and other questions about memory-keeping in general.

Don't worry, I got you.

This year, I will be sharing my memory-keeping process and my memory-keeping layouts with a lot more intention and consistency. I will walk you through the creation process of my Day by Day layouts; I will explain in detail how a story goes from being in-the-mind to inside-the-album; I will show you the tools that I frequently use and the resources that I utilize all the time.

I have so much valuable memory-keeping information that I want to share to you! And I've thought of the best way to do that ;)

Let's make this happen.

With crazy excitement, I am happy to announce that...

I'm starting a Youtube channel on memory-keeping!

Most of you will know that I've always filmed process / walkthrough videos and shared it with you guys BUT for 2017, I am consciously incorporating Youtube videos into my content calendar. With that being said, what better video to start off with than this?

Stendig-inspired Cover Page for Day by Day 2017


Here's what the layout looks like in full:

Day by Day 2017: Cover Page | Crafted by Pam

This video may come in late for some since it's already February and most of you might have already made your cover pages (yay you!) but in case you wanted to create something similar, I am making the Stendig Calendar-inspired pocket cards that I used in this layout available for you to download :)

Day by Day 2017: Cover Page | Crafted by Pam

A closer look at the layout:

Day by Day 2017: Cover Page | Crafted by Pam

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I am so excited for this new chapter of Crafted by Pam. I hope you are too! Don't forget to grab you free pocket cards ;)

Day by Day 2017: Cover Page | Crafted by Pam

What kind of memory-keeping videos would you like to see from my new channel? Give this girl some ideas in the comments below!