Createspaces: Yam Enriquez

If you're a new reader here, every Monday (oops, this one's late!) I feature a creative (aka someone who creates; it can be anything - scrapbooks, songs, fashion, novels, etc.) and his / her workspace. It's been enjoyable looking at how different people organize (or not organize?) their space, really shows how diverse people can get.

If you've been following along, you've probably guessed who today's creative is. She's the last person to complete the Life Documented Manila trilogy that I've featured so far. She's none other than Yam Enriquez! Let's visit her createspace:

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

I’m Yam, from Manila, Philippines. I’m one of the three people behind Life Documented Manila, a passion project/business dedicated to memory-keeping :) I’ve always loved hoarding pretty notebooks and paper, and documenting my life by taking lots of photos, keeping private journals (both online and offline) and making scrapbooks. These days I combine all of these by making scrapbooks using the pocket-page system (hello, Project Life!)

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

Where is your createspace?

My room! Over the years it has housed different furniture and most of my stuff--a lot of it made up of books, magazines, and various paper products. Currently, it would probably be best described as half-library, half-work/craft room with a bed. I can’t wait until the house undergoes renovation because I’ll be able to have a separate work/craft room! I love it because I get a lot of natural light during the day. It gets hot, but that’s what the AC unit is for.

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

What is your favorite area in your space? Why that area?

I have a desk area that houses my computer, printer, etc. but it has no space for me to set up and scrap. I would then scrap on my bed or on my bedroom floor! It would be better if I had prime floor space, but to be kinder to my back, I recently had a new work desk made. I love working on my Project Life layouts there now because: 1) the table dimensions are according to my own measurements, 2) My table is right by the window, and 3) I don’t have to keep spreading things out and then clearing it up right after working! While my work room is still non-existent, I'm making this space work for me. Haven't found a plain cork sheet/board yet that I can custom cut to fit my space, so in the meantime I used washi to stick all sorts of cards and photos on the wall. What's on the wall depends on my mood.

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

If you could only have five things in your space, what would those be?

  1. A good black pen (or two)
  2. A sharp pair of scissors
  3. Adhesive: glue roller, washi (for adhesive and decorative purposes)
  4. Alphabet stickers (!!!)
  5. (not pictured) iPhone

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam


Neat or messy? BOTH. I like tidying up but I’m never 100% neat, and when I create my own mess I have a way of organizing things that sometimes only makes sense to me.

Sunlight or moonlight? Sunlight. I like working in the evening when it’s quiet, but ideally it’s better for me to work during the day when my space is bathed in natural light.  

Pen & paper or digital? Pen & paper! Even with all the digital options available I always find myself reaching for pen and paper.

Coffee, tea or neither? Tea! Maybe I haven’t been educated enough about coffee, but for now tea is my preference. Hot or cold is fine. I love cold milk tea with sago (or pearls), too.

With or without music? With music!

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam


If you had to name your future kids using the name of colors, what would their names be?

Off the top of my head were Violet and Plum, but I just had to check a list of Crayola colors and didn't realize there were lots of new ones, too!

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

Lastly, what are you creating now?

Aside from continuously working on my Project Life album, which I’m doing with a weekly format, I am: trying to finish gathering supplies and creating my mini album for the September round of 30 Days of Lists, and preparing for the Life Documented Manila Beginner’s Memory-Keeping Workshop in September which is in collaboration with Make It Blissful.

[Pam: We all struggle with keeping things in order at some point - even Yam!]

Createspaces: Yam Enriquez • Organized! by Pam

All photos by Yam Enriquez. Stalk her on her blog and Instagram!