Createspaces: Where We Create

In the past few years, we've seen how talented the so-called "regular" people can be. Internet has opened up a whole new world for creatives. Nowadays, we can consume creative work from all over the world.

Always, while looking at amazing websites, brilliant illustrations, out-of-the-box Project Life spreads, cool Youtube videos or any creative work, I wonder what his/her workspace looks like. Does he/she have an entire studio dedicated to graphic design? Or maybe he/she is just like me, working from my bed with a laptop?

After a little bit of curiosity and a lot of courage, I thought about doing...

Createspaces • Organized! by Pam

Createspaces will be a weekly blog series here at Organized! by Pam where I feature the createspaces of creatives from different fields - design, crafts, writing, video, fashion etc. I want to know where they really work - be it their office, their living room floor or the coffee shop just across the street. Every Monday, you'll have a little bit of inspiration on creative and effective workspaces ;)

I'm so excited for this series and I hope to be inspired by how different people can create something truly magical in different environments and setting. You don't have to have a studio in order to make things, magic and rainbows happen.

I'm also a little nervous because this is the first ever blog series in which I am, in a way, collaborating with other creatives.

A little hint hint

In the next few weeks, we'll take a peek at the createspaces of a fashion designer, a hand letterer, a scrapbooker and a small business owner ;) Feel free to guess who in the comments!