Createspaces: Tracy Armstrong

Hello August! It's the fourth installment of Createspaces, woo hoo!

I'm here today with a lady who rocks the classic black +white+ gold combination in everything she does. Her Instagram feed is just, hands down, filled with inspiring photos and her adorable rescue dog! She's the girl behind the #singlegirlsb movement... I think I gave it all away so let's just do this!

We'll take a look now in Tracy's createspace!

Createspaces: Tracy • Organized! by Pam

Hi! My name is Tracy, I'm 26 and live in Vancouver, Canada and I love to scrapbook. I live in a pretty small apartment, so in turn my craft space is pretty tiny as well. I've been scrapbooking for about a year and a half now and it's honestly one of my favourite things to do.

Createspaces: Tracy • Organized! by Pam

My createspace is a tiny little desk at the end of my bed. It's about four feet side with a depth of just under two feet. It's tiny. A lot of the time I'll end up throwing everything onto my bed and working there, but I do love to sit at my desk and create, whether it's with my computer or with paper.

What is your favorite area in your space? Why that area?

Because my craft space is so small, I love every part of it! It really reflects me and the style of the rest of my apartment. Lots of black, white and gold with pops of colour.

Createspaces: Tracy • Organized! by Pam

If you could only have five things in your space, what would those be?

The five things that I need to have in my space at all times are: my computer, my iPad so I can watch Netflix while I create, my gold scissors, my Studio Calico Handbook and most importantly my scrappy-sidekick, my dog Sophie.


Neat or messy? Neat AND messy.

Sunlight or moonlight? Sunlight for creating but moonlight for everything else.

Pen & paper or digital? Good old fashioned pen and paper.

Coffee, tea or neither? All the coffee in the world.

With or without music? With music (or Netflix).


What is the one thing in your space that you can use to fight in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Obviously, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I would grab my trusty gold scissors to fight them off!

Createspaces: Tracy • Organized! by Pam

Lastly, what are you creating now?

I'm currently working on my Project Life album as well as organizing my closet (which is where I keep all my scrapbooking supplies - it's a mess and not at all viewable for the public haha).

All photos by Tracy. You can find her blog here.