Createspaces: Reese Lansangan

Holy smokes, I am so excited to write this post because I'll be featuring one of my favorite bloggers of all time. OF ALL TIME GUYS. ALL TIME.

From her college senior design thesis to her fashion, travel diaries and music, Reese Lansangan was always one of a kind *yep, G-Dragon reference right here* I think she embodies what it means to be creative and I always look up to her.

I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions / talk to her in last month's #DesignHerStory Conference and really, her personality shines through! I love how what she loves to do guides what she does in her life.

Before this turns into a fangirl blogpost, I'm thrilled to share to you her createspace!

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam

Hello all! I am Reese Lansangan and I create music, happy songs, mixed media collages, crazy clothes, childish jewellery, crude art, ~dramatic prose~, random experiments, and all sorts of things in between.

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam

My createspace is our home’s repurposed garage :D

What is your favorite area in your space? Why that area?

My book nook. I got out all my art, design, and fashion books and dumped it all there along with some random toys I’ve amassed throughout the years. I carefully thought about the placement of things on my shelves - colour of the book spines, the varying book heights, and the spiffy toys I want on display. It’s my favourite area because it has a cushion and lots of soft pillows, and it fits me and my guitar perfectly. It’s very ideal for songwriting or leisurely reading or, you know, sleeping.

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam

If you could only have five things in your space, what would those be?

A stack of my favourite books (come on, let this be one thing), my guitar, my art journal, ample lighting, and my collection of photographs and postcards (which is in one tin box so it should also count as one thing haha!)

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam


Neat or messy? Neat mess. I don’t want to not be able to find my scissors in a pile of artsy junk. Balance!

Sunlight or moonlight? Sunlight actually, but I end up working in the evenings when everyone is fast asleep and everything is quiet.

Pen & paper or digital? For collage and writing prose, digital. For songwriting, fashion designing, and conceptualizing anything - pen and paper!

Coffee, tea or neither? Chocolate milk, please! But coffee, if I had to choose.

With or without music? LIFE-WISE, WITH MUSIC (of course!). But while working, I prefer that things are quiet haha!

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam


What is the one thing in your space that you will use to fight in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

My Worst Case Scenario survival handbook and my hypothetical Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide book (cause I don’t have it, but I know it exists haha)

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam

Lastly, what are you creating now?

Some major things: I'm currently working on doing several mixed media pieces for my upcoming collaboration / solo exhibit with Heima - it's a major thing cause it will be my first solo show, so I'm really nervous and excited! I'm also about to go into recording new songs for a second EP / album with my band, Reese & Vica! Lastly, I'm still currently developing new looks and products for my fashion and lifestyle brand, Soon The Moon. Watch out for it!

Createspaces: Reese Lansangan • Organized! by Pam

All photos belong to Reese Lansangan. If you can't get enough of Reese, definitely check out her blog and Instagram! :)