Createspaces #12: A look at where Katherine Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made

CBP - Blogpost with Content Upgrade After being on hiatus for a number of months, I’ve brought back one of my favorite series on this blog... Createspaces! New around here? Well, Createspaces is a (now) monthly feature where we get to “snoop around” the spaces of creatives, whether they be a painter, designer, blogger or memory-keeper. It’s an attempt to discover what makes a space conducive for creating. Mind you, it’s NOT about having a picturesque, jumped-right-out-of-a-magazine workspace but rather, a way for us to see creatives in their natural habitat.

I’ve been ogling at Kate Jury’s work on Instagram for quite some time. I always find myself in awe of the color palettes! Kate is a coffee-fuelled artist, designer, traveler, dog-person and music-lover who lives and works in Louisville, KY. She has her own fine arts shop featuring her original (+ incredible) paintings, art prints and hand painted homegoods and accessories. Naturally, I wanted to take a peek at where all the colorful artworks are made.

Come on, let’s visit Kate’s createspace!

Here’s a big one:  what do you create? What kind of creator are you?

I love creating vibrant, loose, organic paintings that explore the relationship between color, mark making, brushwork and texture.

Much of what I create is a response to all the beauty that surrounds me - the beauty in nature, music, architecture, literature, design… Even the beauty in a good meal or a great conversation.

Painting is a release that allows me to celebrate the good and special… It’s my way of adding to the conversation, pouring my heart and mind into something and sharing what inspires me with someone else.

Okay, let us in on the secret: where is your createspace?Where is that sweet spot where everything gets done?

My wish to create and share stems from my belief that what we surround ourselves with becomes a part of who we are. Inspiring surrounds can elevate our soul, fuel our passions, grow our minds and communicate our stories. Art can remind us that our world is fascinating and that we are “beautiful” - intelligent, funny, capable and wonderful. The artwork that fills your home has the ability to shape who you are and who you become.

Createspaces #12 A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made (5)

My createspace is in a converted garage! Before moving in, I ripped up the carpet, painted the walls bright white and covered the plywood flooring with a fresh coat of paint. It’s amazing how a few simple changes and a weekend or so of work can completely transform a space.

Createspaces #12: A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made | Crafted by Pam

Createspaces #12: A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made | Crafted by Pam

The flooring in my studio is covered with paint pretty much everywhere, but I would have to say that the little corner by the windows gets the most love. There’s something extra special about creating in bright light.

This particular corner of my studio is marked by my easel, some nails in the wall for hanging pieces in progress, cans full of paint brushes and half empty tubes of paint, but is only made complete by scattered pink and blue paw prints… A finishing touch my dog Riley insisted on adding to my space!

Createspaces #12: A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made | Crafted by Pam

What makes this space your createspace?

It’s a place that I can get messy. I have the freedom to drip paint on the walls and smear gesso on the floors. I learned very quickly that giving myself the freedom to make a mess was crucial!

What are your five favorite things about your space?

  1. Natural light - Mornings in my studio are so bright!
  2. White walls - The white walls act as a blank canvas… I’m able to focus on what I’m painting, free of distractions.
  3. Work space - A desk and computer allow me to hunker down and do some design work
  4. Storage - I like to keep all of my inventory organized and having lots of shelving and closet space has been really helpful.
  5. Shared space - My studio is a space that I can share! Having a little seating area is great for when friends or clients visit, and I make sure to always have a dog bed and some treats on hand for when I bring my dog to work!

How crazy does this space get?

Createspaces #12: A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made | Crafted by Pam

CRAZY. Crazy good and crazy bad. There’s definitely a limit to when mess is productive. When the mess becomes a distraction, it has to go!

What do you wish to change in this space if your could?

Hmmm… I’d love to update some of my furniture… to add some pieces to the mix that feel a little more like me! Maybe a new coffee table, fun lamp or a some more plants?

If you're not here, where are you?

At a local coffee shop, walking through our neighborhood’s farmers market or spending time at a favorite park with my husband, Tyler!

Createspaces #12: A look at where Kate Jury's vibrant masterpieces are made | Crafted by Pam

Don’t you just love her space? All the bright, natural light made her work even more amazing than it already was! If you’re craving for a little more of Kate Jury, then you can follow her creative journey along on her website, Instagram and Twitter :)

Did Kate’s space resonate with you? What's your favorite corner in her studio?

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