Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng

I'm happy to announce that Createspaces is back! I'll be doing things a bit different this time around. The biggest difference will be that the feture will run once every month and that's okay with me. I'm trying to infuse more personality + creativity in all of my blogposts and I hope you'll see that in this month's Createspaces feature. Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

Where do I even begin? Without her knowing, Kara-Anne Cheng has been a cheerleader + kickstarter for me. I stumbled upon her blog while I was mindlessly looking for printable planners on Etsy. Her blog was simple, nothing to fancy but her words were powerful. With her words, she has isnpired to do more of what I love + pursue the passion that fires up my soul. This Createspaces feature will focus on where, physically, the magic + amazing work happens.

Tell us a little something about yourself + what you create.

I am Kara-Anne, a creative designer and legacy coach for small businesses all over the world. I have a passion for supporting and encouraging creatives everywhere to create and cultivate their legacy and live that out through entrepreneurship. I help these creatives create legacy roadmaps and strategies for their lives and businesses, and I also create all sorts of visual elements like brand identities and websites that help reflect their hearts and stories online.

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

Where is your createspace?

My entire office is part of my bedroom, and this is a small 12sqm room that has been redesigned many times to reach what it is today. I am so productive in this space nowadays. I work mainly in two places — my office area and my bed. At my desk with my iMac is my office area where I design for clients, work on my business, and basically is where I spend my office hours from Tuesdays to Fridays. I spend after-work hours on my bed with my MBP with NO client or business work on it so that I can demarcate my spaces intentionally.

At my office space, I create all sorts of amazing, awe-inspiring legacies for my clients and create content for my business. I also practise calligraphy and hand lettering here. On my bed, I write. I love writing on my MacBook and going through courses on it so that I can craft more works that align with my heart and my story.

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

What is it about your createspace that motivations you to create?

Because working from home can be difficult in terms of discipline, my office space is filled with everything I love. Gold and white elements, inspirational prints, London pictures and stationery that make me swoon. I find that as a designer, I need to be inspired and stimulated by the elements around me. So I intentionally pick pieces that I adore and will adore for a long time. Everything else I need — tools, extra pens, digital stuff, papers, business materials — are all intentionally organised into storage that are within arm’s reach. Everything has its space in my office, and that helps me work at my best. When I sit down, my brain is “programmed” to start work here.

On my bed, I know it’s the time to wind down, be still, and look at my core. When I let go of my “business game face” and just create on the bed, I let go of more inhibitions and I know it’s a totally ME zone where I can be vulnerable, real and truly create what makes my heart sing. Creating on the bed actually motivates me to create at my office space even better the next day because it just unleashes the creative side of me that sometimes gets lost in the long work days.

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

What is your favorite part in your createspace?

My office space — my iMac, hands down. This beautiful piece of technology makes me love working and I love every bit of it.

My bed — the luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. They are a worthy investment that makes me want to cozy up in it everyday and helps me truly relax.

Is there something you want to change?

My office space — more inspirational prints that make my heart sing and tie the entire space together. I am planning on designing life and business missions and visions into prints for my inspiration board.

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

What are the five items you can't not have while creating?

Quiet music playing in the background, my Moleskine notebook, Adobe Illustrator, Comfort — my office chair and my cushion and the fan (it gets hot here!) and Any.Do (to brain dump all the to-dos in my head).

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

Quick Questions

  • Neat or Messy? Neat — I cannot work in a messy environment, it makes me really anxious.
  • Sunlight or Moonlight? Sunlight — The way the sunlight shines on my office table (morning light!) inspires me.
  • Coffee, Tea or Neither? Neither. Water all the way.
  • With or Without Music? Most of the time with. :)
  • Pen + Paper or Digital? Both. Evernote, Any.Do, Trello works perfect with my assortment of Post-Its, Moleskine notebook and the Legacy Planner.

SSSHHH! Snap a photo of your space when it's messy.

That is, if it ever gets messy.

Createspaces: Kara-Anne Cheng • Organized! by Pam

What are you working on now?

I’m working on revising client web design projects and picking up calligraphy and hand-lettering.

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All photos are taken by Kara-Anne Cheng, edited / layouted by me.