Createspaces: Eri

A little late on this Monday's workspace inspiration but it's still Monday in some time zones, right? ;)

Today's createspace feature is on an amazing scrapbooker. Her gallery is one of the first few I followed in Studio Calico. She's from my favorite country, Japan, and her space is so bright and happy.

Let's visit Eri's createspace!

Createspaces: Eri • Organized! by Pam

I'm Eri and I live in Japan. I became a full-time teacher in April and it has been difficult making some time to scrap these days. I started Project Life two years ago and still enjoy it. Also, I sometimes make 12x12 layouts and cards for my friends' birthdays.

Createspaces: Eri • Organized! by Pam

My createspace is my room at my parents' house. I don't want to be bothered with taking my craft goodies to my new apartment.

What is your favorite area in your space? Why that area?

My favorite areas are the floor to work on and the white desk to take photos.

Createspaces: Eri • Organized! by Pam

If you could only have five things in your space, what would those be?

  1. Labels
  2. Glue
  3. Date stamp
  4. Enamel dots
  5. Ruler

Createspaces: Eri • Organized! by Pam


Neat or messy? Messy.

Sunlight or moonlight? Moonlight.

Pen & paper or digital? Pen and paper.

Coffee, tea or neither? Coffee.

With or without music? Without music.


If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Strawberry ice cream!

Lastly, what are you creating now?

My Project Life has been paused right now.  But I'm planning to work on a friend's wedding album!

Createspaces: Eri • Organized! by Pam

All photos by Eri. You can find her Studio Calico gallery here.