Createspaces: Christine Herrin

I'm back from a short break (didn't blog at all last week! :o) with some Monday inspiration for y'all ;)

The next creative I'm featuring is one-third of Life Documented Manila, a local movement dedicated to bringing pocket page scrapbooking to the Philippines. Her travel spreads are one of my favorites and I always check back when she shares hers on their blog!

Without further delay, let's check out the createspace of Christine!

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam

Hello! My name is Christine. I'm a designer, writer, wanderer, scrapbooker, and tweeter — I currently live in San Francisco, where I moved three years ago from Manila to pursue my graduate degree in design. Before moving to SF, I was Creative Editor at the local tween mag Total Girl :) Right now I'm busy doing community management for Hi, finishing up my degree, doing freelance design work, finding time (and funds!) to travel, and working on memory-keeping and lettering personal projects. Oh! I'm also 1/3 of Life Documented Manila, a local shop + community dedicated to memory-keeping and Project Life.

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam

Honestly, I was going to fix up my table for this feature until I realized, well, who am I kidding; most of the work that I get done (at least the non-digital kind) is done on my floor, on my giant cutting mat. On bad (or should I say, good?) days, I have too much clutter all over my floor that I have to hop, skip, jump to get from my door to my bed. ;) I guess I love the floor because it gives me the space I don't have on my desk. Space to spread things out, space to stretch, space to see everything at once. I'm actually in the middle of redoing my room. (Ahh, apartment life in SF; I only have a room right now! So while I'm dreaming of having my own craft space or creative studio, this will have to do!)

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam

What is your favorite area in your space? Why that area?

Aside from the floor, I love my walls — especially my little cork board. It has slowly evolved into an inspiration, note, and reminder board — I put tiny prints that fit, postcards and other stuff I've designed, cute tags, even little notes and letters from friends. It gives my space some color and I love it!

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam

If you could only have five things in your space, what would those be?

  1. a corner rounder! Round all the corners!
  2. my Epson printer
  3. a gluestick
  4. blade + ruler (haha, is this cheating?)
  5. brush pens

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam


Neat or messy? This is like that 500 Days of Summer scene — Expectations vs. Reality. I have grand dreams of maintaining neat spaces, but they always end up messy eventually, because that's how I am. ;)

Sunlight or moonlight? Sunlight!

Pen & paper or digital? Pen & paper, then digital. That's basically my process with most of the lettering work I do — write then scan.

Coffee, tea or neither? Coffee. Always. (Cream, no sugar; or even better, a cappuccino.)

With or without music? With music if I'm scrapping or laying out; without music if I'm writing or answering emails (my mind needs silence to think!)


Make you own rapper name using scrapbooking tools/items.

We R Memory Keepers... Hahaha that alone sounds like a rap duo already!

Createspaces: Christine Herrin • Organized! by Pam

Lastly, what are you creating now?

I've finally, finally, finally launched my online shop! I have notes full of sketches and ideas from 2008 (!) and I've only really started doing it now. I'm always so scared to start, but sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and leap ;) I'm still adding more things — keep checking back!

Also — been trying to blog more, also working on more products for the Life Documented Manila digital shop, and a secret-but-exciting dream collab project is in the works! :)

All photos by Christine. If you can't get enough of her, check out her blog here, her Instagram and her Twitter!