Createspaces: Caroline Winegeart

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart I don't remember how I stumbled upon Caroline's blog but I know for sure why I kept coming back - words. I love how she writes, plain and simple. I'm subscribed to her newsletter, Self-made Society, and she talks about important things with a side of humor + fun. I can read her writing for days and days and not get bored. Her stories are different from mine (and uniquely hers) but somehow, I always resonate with them. I was extra giddy when she allowed me a quick virtual tour of her createspace, I feel like one of her girlfriends #howiwish. Enough chit-chat, I'll let Caroline take this away!

Tell us a little something about yourself + what you create.

I'm a brand designer, illustrator and hand-letterer who is passionate about helping people become the brightest version of who they are - in business, in life, and in creative expression. My branding clients are soulful creatives with a desire to inject their unique, authentic personalities into their businesses. I also write a weekly newsletter to my email community, Self-Made Society, inspiring self-made, curious creatives to grow and evolve their businesses and lives. When I'm not doing all that, I'm working on my lettering skills and sharing all I've learned through my online course, 30 Days To Better Hand-Lettering!

Where is your createspace?

My current Createspace is in our upstairs spare bedroom that has been converted to an office for my boyfriend and myself. We've both been working from home together for over three years now, so we have intentionally designed the space to be our creative haven.

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

What is it about your createspace that motivates you to create?

I love the natural light that comes through the window in the mornings. I'm one of those people who needs sunshine to thrive and so that helps a lot. We also have a pond in our backyard that we can see from the window, and feeling close to the outdoors and that peacefulness helps me feel balanced when I'm working under deadlines or have a to-do list a mile long.

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

What is your favorite part in your createspace?

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

Color and vibrance are big motivators for me to create and there was a time when every wall in that room was a different color. But recently (about a year ago) we opted to paint the whole thing white so that we'd have a clean and crisp backdrop for our various colorful office decorations. I guess my favorite thing about the space is that our walls feel like a blank slate and I can swap out my inspiration as it evolves.

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

That, and I get to share the space with Jason because we push each other to create more. (One of my favorite art pieces are the three caricatures he had commissioned for my birthday last year - one of him, one of me, and one of our dog Plaxico.)

Is there something you want to change?

Hmm... I honestly can't think of anything. I really love it! I guess if I had to pick, I'd add some sort of love seat or big comfy chair in there. I like switching up my posture and position at my desk sometimes and so I'd love to just kick up my feet with my laptop and be able to work from a couch while still being in that room.

What are the five items you can’t not have while creating?

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

My laptop, sketchpad, favorite pens (PaperMate Flair), Moleskine journal and a book of quotations (to practice lettering.)


  • Neat or Messy? Messy. I used to apologize for this as if it was a bad thing, but I've now embraced that being surrounded by the things I create energizes me. I feel comfortable and that helps me get in my groove. I tidy everything up just about every weekend so I can start fresh each week, but I just let it all pile up by Friday (as seen in the photos!) There's something really satisfying about it to me.
  • Sunlight or Moonlight? Both! As a Florida girl, I loooove my sunshine but I have to admit I'm a night owl and I'm often creating at night.
  • Coffee, Tea or Neither? Bulletproof coffee each morning. Keeps me full 'til lunch and gets my brain going in the morning.
  • With or Without Music? With. Always with. Buying a Pandora One subscription was the best thing I ever did (and Jason plays his Spotify a lot too so we alternate choosing what we listen to!)
  • Pen + Paper or Digital? Both! Especially for hand-lettering work, I obviously start out on paper and then transfer to digital. But I love jotting things down and sketching them out on paper. You can replicate that feeling.

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart


Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

Createspaces • Caroline Winegeart

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All photos are taken by Caroline Winegeart, edited / layouted by me.