Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner


Createspaces is a monthly feature where we get to “snoop around” the spaces of creatives, whether they be a painter, designer, blogger or memory-keeper. It’s an attempt to discover what makes a space conducive for creating. Mind you, it’s NOT about having a picturesque, jumped-right-out-of-a-magazine workspace but rather, a way for us to see creatives in their natural habitat.

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam

met Amelia in the Studio Calico forums, if I'm not mistaken. We're both sort of new to the memory-keeping game back then. We would both fangirl over the latest and greatest from Studio Calico. Back when I just started my new blog, Amelia was one of the few people who regularly commented on my blogposts! Such a sweetie.

I didn't get a chance to meet her in person when I went to Singapore a few weeks back (super tight schedule, ugh) but we will make it happen some time! ;)

Let's take a peek at Amelia's creative corner!

A little bit of introduction...

I'm a Singapore city girl who documents the every day adventures. I believe in Jesus, love making memories, and being inspired. Some of my favorite things include laughing, riding roller coasters, crafty stuff, lists, running by the beach and baking. If I could, I would spend all day going on adventures and being creative.

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam


Here’s a big one:  what do you create? What kind of creator are you?

I create memories and I create projects to document those memories. I have a variety of projects that I try to work on regularly, including art journaling, Project Life albums and mini albums. I enjoy making DIY crafts and projects, as well as personalized handmade gifts for friends and family when the opportunity arises.

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam

As a creator, I create to preserve the memories and experiences that God brings into my life. I create to enjoy, to express, to experiment, to grow… Thinking about the important things in life and the heart + meaning behind my creations is a big motivation for how I create.


Okay, let us in on the secret: where is your createspace? Where is that sweet spot where everything gets done?

My createspace is rather unusual because it isn’t your “typical” set up, and it’s far from being entirely glamorous or Instagram-perfect. But it works!

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam

While I have a tiny work desk in my room, it’s usually too small for me to get much creating done. And since I live in an apartment with my family, I don't have a dedicated createspace (although I've dreamed of it!). Often, my createspace ends up being our family coffee table in the living room, where I actually spend most of my time creating instead.


What makes this space your createspace?

This space is usually open and unused which makes it an easy place for me to setup! The things that make this space mine are also some of my favorite things about it.

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam

What are your five favorite things about your space?

  1. Natural light. There is nothing quite as invigorating as having sunshine streaming in while you work!
  2. Being free from distractions. At my (tiny) desk, I have my favorite quotes and pictures hung up. But this createspace is an undistracted, clean slate for me to create.
  3. Being in a shared space. Being in the middle of our home, surrounded by family, or whatever action that is happening at the moment lets me create while enjoying good company.
  4. Open space that allows me to spread out my things as I create. That means lots of room to make messes!
  5. Practical boxes and cute vintage plates that I store my supplies in. Having my stash organized in boxes and containers (which I store in my bedroom) makes my createspace fairly “portable” as I bring my supplies around and take out what I want or plan to use, depending on where I work when I start creating

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam

How crazy does this space get?

This space can get crazy messy. But for the sake of the rest of my family who have to tolerate my mess when I work outside, I try to tidy up as much as possible when I’m done working and creating here.

Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam


What do you wish to change in this space if your could?

I’d love to have a dedicated createspace – maybe someday! But for now, having a robot (or a storage cart) to help me keep my supplies when I’m done would be nice. I’m still searching for the perfect option!

If you're not here, where are you?

You can find me hanging out with family and friends, being outside and finding inspiration around me, or sitting at the dining table, still making messes.


Createspaces #14: Amelia Ng's creative corner | Crafted by Pam


Don't you just love how Amelia made it worked with just a family living room coffee table? Another proof that you don't need a full-blown memory-keeping room to create your own albums.  You can create art whenever and wherever if you put your heart in it ;) If you're curious about Amelia, you can check out her website, Instagram and Twitter!


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