Why I Decided to Change My Blog's Name


Why I Decided to Change My Blog's Name I woke up last Thursday and I just had this feeling that I couldn't ignore.

I knew that I've outgrown my blog's name (organizedbypam.com). After almost two years, it didn't feel right to me anymore. I felt limited by it and and I felt that it wasn't aligned with what I wanted to talk about in my space in the World Wide Web.

So, I got up and... bought a new domain name.

To share with you the magnitude of that spur-of-the-moment decision, changing my domain name meant:

  • changing my e-mail address from an @organizedbypam.com to a @craftedbypam.com (and consequently updating the subscription preferences on all the newsletters that I love),
  • all non-dynamic links on my blogposts (images, links to organizedbypam.com pages, etc.) are broken,
  • links going into organizedbypam.com from external sources such as guest posts, shares, etc. are all broken

among others. I must be crazy.

But this one just came to me. I changed one word from my past blog name and suddenly, it felt right... it felt ME. I'm going through the Bright-eyed and Bloghearted e-course again, from Module 1, to make sure that I can nail down my vision this time -- what I want to write and who I want to write for. It's a lot of work doing things all over again but you know what?

It's okay to change your mind.

It's the kind of freedom that we are blessed with right now with our online digs. It's okay to PIVOT and ADJUST when things don't feel right and authentic anymore. I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest (of course, where else?) and thought it perfectly sums up my thought process that morning:

Why I Decided to Change My Blog’s Name (via CraftedByPam.com)

Image Credit :: Quote Him On That (via Pinterest)

So, today, I present to you... Crafted by Pam. A blog dedicated on crafting an intentional lifestyle through creativity, productivity, motivation and memory-keeping.

I'm not going to fuss about the marketing and launching strategy - I'll just focus on creating and curating good + valuable (to both you and me) content that's aligned with the values that I've chose to live my life with.

What changed / is changing?

Right now, I'm really putting in all my creative energy and effort into writing + designing so I want you to expect (public accountability, yo!) a consistent blog schedule -- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at the very least) -- and content that is awesomesauce.

Primarily, you'll see blogposts on the general vicinity of:

  • Blogging + Business
  • Crafting an intentional lifestyle (organization + productivity, inspiration, motivation, goal-setting, planning, memory-keeping, etc.) and,
  • some personal stories interspersed here and there.

My other priority is to go back through my old blogposts and revamp every single one of 'em. Making sure that I have an archive that is worth reading and going back for. (Plus, as mentioned above, I have a gazillion broken images + links to fix.)

Little things will be moving around the blog in the next few weeks. I will be changing things up as I go along and I hope that you'll join me in this adventure.


If you've read this far, you're cool and I like you. Thank you for the (online) love!


Stay amazing,

Crafted by Pam, signing off!