Camiguin Countdown: Sights, sounds and noms


Another week, another #TravelThursday blogpost for y'all! As we inch closer to our departure date for Cagayan de Oro + Camiguin, I'm doing a series of countdown posts on my planning process for our trip. If you haven't read it yet, the first part is all about our accommodation choice - what we shortlisted and what we actually chose. You can read it over here. Now, it's time to address a very important issue: the sights, sounds and noms! (Also known as: what to do and where to eat.)

Again, some context: the intention for this trip is to relax, have lots of fun and basically just chill. Very much unlike our previous trip to Cebu where we focused in visiting a lot of tourist spots and historical sites.

Camiguin Countdown: Sights, sounds and noms | Organized! by Pam

Cagayan de Oro

To do

river rafting

Camiguin Countdown: Sights, sounds and noms | Organized! by Pam

The must-do when you're in CDO! Three to four hours of battling with the river currents guaranteeing fits of laughter and soaked clothes... I'm in. Although we're not 100% decided on doing this since it's August a.k.a. the rainy, rainy season and well, it's best not to subject yourself to strong water currents during these times. We're hoping for good weather on the week of our trip so that we can get a chance to try this out.

If you're interested, we're getting a basic course package from Great White Rafting.

To eat

bigby's cafe + restaurant

This is actually a recommendation by one of my blog readers in my #Wanderlust blogpost. Naturally, I Googled them and was pleasantly surprised by their Facebook page! They had a lot of fun promos + good blog reviews + mouthwatering shots of food. After watching the below promo, I can't wait to try their Big Bang Burger! (Plus points for the name 'Big Bang!' Can you tell I still got that BIGBANG high?)


To be honest, the only thing in our agenda for Camiguin is to laze and lounge. Live the #Instagram life, if you know what I mean. Watching the sunset (my fave!) by the beach, waking up early and walking along the beach with the sea breeze in your face. Share lots of stories and even more laughs. A few things we'd love...

To do

island hopping

Camiguin Countdown: Sights, sounds and noms | Organized! by Pam

At the very least, we want to ride a boat to White Island at marvel at its white beach (where it got its name) and its 'untouched' beauty. White Island also boasts of a C-shaped sandbar and crystal clear waters. From my quick research, renting a roundtrip boat costs about Php 500 (~ USD 11).

To eat

luna ristorante

Camiguin Countdown: Sights, sounds and noms | Organized! by Pam

While it may seem unusual to eat Italian food on a Philippine island, this restaurant came highly recommended from the travel blogs that I've devoured throughout the Googling process. From what I gather, the restaurant is owned by an Italian who decided to settle for a quiet island life. I'm not a huge pizza person (seriously) but I'm excited about their tiramisu! (My favorite dessert, for life.)


Images: great white rafting / kinabuhi / adrenaline romance / senyorita / rjd explorer 

Like I said, lounge + laze is the theme of this entire trip. A four-day getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living and 9-5 day jobs. Exploring my homeland is definitely at the top of my Life Bucket List and I'm elated to accomplish this with my soul sisters and my love.


Anything I NEED to see at CDO or Camiguin? Share your own To Do + To Eat list in the comments.