Year 23: Q1 Progress Report on Pam's 2016 Focus and Goals

We're now past the first quarter of 2016 which means that it's time to look back at my 2016 Focus and Goals to assess my progress. One thing that I've learned about goals is that it evolves with you so it's important that you take the time to revisit it and see if you need to make some tweaks and adjustments. Year 23: Q1 Progress Report on Pam's 2016 Focus and Goals | Crafted by Pam

At the end of each quarter, I will take you behind-the-scenes on my goal-setting AND goal-getting process so that I can have public accountability (one of the best motivators!) and hopefully, help you refine your own goal-getting process. Today, I'm sharing with you my progress report for Quarter 1 (January - March) as well as some of my lofty goals for Quarter 2.

Let's get into it!

As a refresher, my focus for 2016 is:

Creating + Manifesting

01 | Creativity

MAJOR GOAL: I will do a creative exercise for every day of the year (painting, illustrating, lettering, photography, etc.) and share my progress via Instagram.

Year 23: Q1 Progress Report on Pam's 2016 Focus and Goals | Crafted by Pam

Technically speaking, I wasn't able to accomplish this goal for Quarter 1. While I was doing all sorts of creative exercises (painting, memory-keeping, photography, designing, etc.), most of it were done for work / blog-purposes and not for exclusively self-development.


02 | Memory-keeping

MAJOR GOAL: I will complete at least one album (travel album, 2016 Project Life album, etc.) by the end of the year.

Year 23: Q1 Progress Report on Pam's 2016 Focus and Goals | Crafted by Pam

I'm proud to say that I've made good progress on this goal! I'm currently working on my Japan 2014 Travelogue and the 2016 Project Life album is moving slowly but surely. Since I'm focusing a lot on memory-keeping (with the launch of my e-course, Your Travel Story), this goal is getting a lot of my time and attention.


03 | Blogging

MAJOR GOAL: I will blog consistently throughout the whole year. And for me, this means, two intentional + from-the-heart + high-quality blogposts each week.

From January to March, I've published 12 blogposts. While that's far from my goal of two blogposts per week, I'm considering this a success since every single blogpost that I published were intentional, from-the-heart and high-quality. Quality over quantity, always. My favorites from Quarter 1 were:

[ess_grid alias="2016Q1-BlogFaves"]


04 | Learning

MAJOR GOAL: I will learn photography and master the Manual Mode.

Sigh. I totally failed this one. I continued to rely on the Auto Mode and I didn't give enough time and effort on learning and practicing with the Manual Mode. I'm thinking of taking an in-person workshop on this rather than just practicing in my own time. Having an expert guide you beats having to fiddle around my camera's settings for hours. If you know of a good workshop here in Manila, let me know in the comments! I will definitely appreciate it 😀


05 | Travel

MAJOR GOAL: I will explore two new countries and one local province this year.

I've already accomplished two-thirds of this goal when I went to South Korea last March and Singapore just this April. Woo-hoo! I have loose plans of visiting Palawan in October - fingers crossed it pushes through! 2016 is shaping up to be a travel and adventure-filled year.


06 | Health

MAJOR GOAL: I will do yoga at least once a week and continue my pescetarian diet for the entire year.

Uhmm... I haven't gone to a single yoga session at all this year. Let's just leave it at that. BUT I have been keeping up with my pescetarian diet (except during my South Korea and Singapore trips) so that's a win! Let's just focus on that, okay? 😂


07 | Finances

MAJOR GOAL: Eliminate 75% of ALL my debt by the end of the year. This includes credit card debt, debts to my Mom, etc.

I still have debt but I'm getting better at spending less, paying my dues and bills as well as earning a bit more money. This is one of my harder goals so I'm not expecting to make a huge progress in Q1. I'll probably have a meatier update in Q2 so stay tuned!

Overall, I think I made some good progress in Q1. A slow start but I can feel the momentum building and that's important in achieving goals! The collective energy during the New Year is great for kickstarting your goal-getting process BUT it's the momentum that helps you follow through until December.


My specific goals for Quarter 2:

The goals I listed above are my major goals. I also have specific goals under each major goal that I focus on per quarter. Let me share with you my specific goals for the months of April to June!

01 | Grow The Crafting Table (this blog's newsletter) to 500 subscribers.

I'm getting more and more intentional about my newsletter because I'm finally starting to see how amazing the engagement is on e-mail. I've received a couple of replies (not a lot but I'm grateful for each e-mail) from readers who loved the content I was sharing to The Crafting Table. I've also seen the benefits of having an engaged list when I pre-launched my e-course, Your Travel Story, and was able to achieve bulk of my pre-sales from my newsletter.

How do I plan on growing my list? By publishing valuable + actionable blog content and providing additional resources that can extend the value that my reader will get from my blog content. If you're interested in joining the email family, you can subscribe here!

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I share additional content on intentional living, goal-setting, memory-keeping and blogging + business (with a lot of behind-the-scenes action) every week ✌️

02 | Launch Your Travel Story to everyone as an evergreen course!

Join me for a #craftyourtravelstory challenge! | Crafted by Pam

I've talked a LOT about Your Travel Story in the past few weeks and the launch is almost here! I now understand why other course creators compare launching a course to giving birth. The idea for Your Travel Story has been bubbling in my head for the past six months and now, it's finally almost ready to see the light of day! But only after I've labored long and hard while creating the course. Admittedly, there's still a LOT to finish before I can call the course done but I'm just happy with all the progress that I've made and the fact that I've got a handful of pre-sale joiners who believes in the value that I can provide. Feels so good!

03 | Update Crafted by Pam's branding + website.

Longtime readers know that this blog used to be called Organized! by Pam and recently, I changed the name to Crafted by Pam (here's why I did it). During the big name change, I whipped up the current logo in 10 minutes and update my blog's website in less than two hours. It was a rushed job but it did the trick. Now, it's time for a more thorough branding + website refresh.

The biggest change will probably the logo but I will probably have to think more about this. I've already made a couple of changes to the color palette as well as the typography palette (which you can all see in the new blogpost graphics) and I'm working on applying those changes to the blog during Quarter 2. Stay tuned!

I hope you liked this update as much as I enjoyed writing it! I personally love reading blogposts like these because it shows that success doesn't happen in an instant. It's the product of months and months and even years of commitment, hard work and dedication.

I'd love to hear how you're doing with your 2016 goals! What are you working on, go-getter?