Year 23: Pam's Focus and Goals for 2016


Year 23: Pam's Goals and Intentions for 2016 | Crafted by Pam Hellooooo 2016!

After popping all our confetti poppers, blowing our horns and watching the sky explode in different shapes and colors, it’s time to sit down and talk about the next 366 days. I’m a firm believer of not waiting for a “perfect” time to set and refine your goals BUT I do love how the New Year celebrations prep the mind, sort of, for intentional goal-setting.

I love reading how others are planning to live their year so I thought I’d share mine with you (and add a bit of public accountability as well!) as well as my goal-setting process for an intention-filled year. Here we go!

For this year, I’m intentionally choosing a FOCUS. After a year of experimentation and trying out new things and being pulled in a million different directions (2015), I think it’s a great time for me to hone in on what I want to improve on in the coming year. Another bonus: setting a focus helps me to triage opportunities and say “hell yes!” more intentionally. You could say that this is similar to selecting your One Little Word or your Theme for the year.

Year 23: Pam's Focus and Goals for 2016 | Crafted by Pam


My 2016 focus is :: CREATING + MANIFESTING.


I picked up this one book last year that completely shifted my mindset regarding creativity and creative work: Austin Kleon’s ‘Show Your Work!*’ This passage below hit home really hard:

“Don’t worry, for now, about how you’ll make money or a career off it. Forget about being an expert or a professional, and wear your amateurism (your heart, your love) on your sleeve. Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find you.”

I worried a LOT about earning last year. I worried about creating passive income, advertising and client avatars. I lost much-needed zzzzz’s reading blogs on selling my first digital product, on marketing and on creating a thriving online business. All this worrying made me forget the most crucial thing: CREATING.

I was thinking more than I was doing. I was consuming more than I was creating.

So this year, I want to create consistently and value progress over perfection. I’m letting go of my limiting belief that creative work should be “picture perfect” and I’m embracing how it may always be a work in progress.


Ahhhh, I love this word.

To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal

To become manifest; be revealed

In conjunction with creating, I want to make 2016 a year of MANIFESTING. A year of demonstrating plainly my version of creativity; revealing the unique value that I *know* I can provide to those who get my vibe.

I want to make manifest my individuality and carve my space in this Earth.


Daaaaanggg. Just reading these two words is giving me the chills. A little bit scared BUT incredibly pumped up to take on this challenge.

With my focus clearly set on the table, I want to share with you my major goals for the year. It’s important to remember that when I set each goal, I made sure that it fit under my focus of creating and manifesting, otherwise, it’s not beneficial pursuing it for now.

And then, it’s worth taking an extra step and asking yourself, “Why do you want to achieve this specific goal?” Knowing your WHY is quite possibly the greatest motivator, ever. Knowing your why will counteract any self-defeating doubts you might have or the comparison monster. Knowing your why helps your push through when the going gets tough.

Without further ado, here are my brave and intentional 2016 goals:




Creativity I will do a creative exercise for every day of the year (painting, illustrating, lettering, photography, etc.) and share my progress via Instagram. Whenever I do a creative exercise, I get this feeling of calm, peace and utter joy. Creating allows me to release my energy (good or bad) and it inspires balance in my core being. In short: creating makes me HAPPY.
Memory-keeping I will complete at least one album (travel album, 2016 Project Life album, etc.) by the end of the year. An album to me represents my reflections for the year/trip/experience that was. I want to be able to revisit my thoughts, feelings and stories to see how I lived my life.
Blogging I will blog consistently throughout the whole year. And for me, this means, two intentional + from-the-heart + high-quality blogposts each week. Plain simple: I want to make blogging my full-time job. Before earning, before making this a business, I need to call out to my tribe and I do this by blogging and providing great value consistently.
Learning I will learn photography and master the Manual Mode. Photography is one of those life skills that is just worth it. Photography allows me to express myself and my perspective and it allows me to share my creative work into the world.
Travel I will explore two new countries and one local province this year. Exploring the world and creating adventures for myself makes me a better person in general. It allows me to see the beauty in my “normal” when I become too used to it as well as examine my own values and practices.
Health I will do yoga at least once a week and continue my pescetarian diet for the entire year. Yoga is magical to me. Yoga allows me to untangle the inner conflicts that often arises in me. Eliminating non-fish meat from my diet is basically a must for me… I’m allergic! And the most important bit is that I want to feel AND be strong and healthy.
Finances Eliminate 75% of ALL my debt by the end of the year. This includes credit card debt, debts to my Mom, etc. Debt has always brought me down and I don’t need more weight and burden in my life. It’s time to REALLY tackle this since it has always prevented me from the things that I want to achieve.

I admit, 2016 frightens me a bit but I am CHOOSING to challenge myself. I know that I want this more than I’m afraid of it ;) After the end of Q1 (Quarter 1), I will be checking in here and updating you with my progress so far because I want to make it clear to myself and to anyone who’s struggling with their own goals that achieving your goals doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and the best way to get that message across is by being transparent about my own progress. (Plus, public accountability yo!)

Now go-getter, this is a safe space for your to declare LOUDLY AND BRAVELY, what are your frightening-but-exciting-and-challenging goal for 2016?

PS. If you’re doing a similar exercise on goal-setting and blogged about it, link it below! Like I said, I LOVE reading about these things ;)