Make Your Own Pocket Cards Challenge!

No doubt that one of the vital parts of a pocket-page album are the so-called pocket cards. These are pre-cut + pre-designed cards that you insert into your pockets to act as your "base" - you can write on it, stick photos on top, use it as an accent or a title card.

There are a LOT of brands that produce really stunning and beautiful pocket cards but what if you can't find a specific card that would complete your story OR you don't want to purchase an entire set of cards just to use one or two OR you'd rather use whatever materials you have now than to purchase more items?

I got your back, friend.

For my first ever Youtube collab video, I challenged myself and Heba (of My Little Journal) to make our own pocket cards!


Watch the video below to check the three pocket cards that I made from scratch:

I really enjoyed filming this video since I get to challenge myself to make use of what I already have in my stash. Just proves the point that you do NOT need to be subscribed to three different kits or buy every new collection of items to make really beautiful + personal + memorable layouts :)

If you need more DIY Pocket Cards inspo, you can check out what Heba' made for the challenge. Tell her I sent ya!

some close-ups for ya:

That's it for this video! I hope you enjoyed watching this and that you get a bit of memory-keeping inspiration from it.

If you're up for it, go ahead and challenge yourself to create your own pocket cards!

You can use whatever you have at your disposal. Get creative, get messy and get crafting ;)