You're here! I have a pretty good feeling it's because you're craving for a way to document your life and leave a tangible legacy
Let me help you with that.


But first, let me introduce myself...


I'm an analog memory-keeper and creative entrepreneur.  My mission is to guide memory-makers (like you!) from living in the moment to documenting all the moments, mindfully, creatively and tangibly. I create and design resources + content to motivate and inspire you to document your everyday adventures!

I'm all for making analog memory-keeping sexy and cool ✨


I also believe in ::


+ Enjoying and exercising your creativity just because you love it

+ Giving yourself the permission to shift, to pivot and to listen to your gut.

+ Friendships and conversations fueled by joy + desire to lift others up, not tear each other apart.

+ Embracing and honoring where you are right now; allowing yourself to live the moment rather than always looking ahead.

+ The magical benefits of printing your photos and feeling its texture in your hands.

+ Connecting and collaborating with people that sparks the creative animal in you.

+ Mindful and intentional memory-keeping :: you do not need to spend all the $$$ to leave a lasting legacy.

+ Korean skincare, lol.


When I'm not working on my analog albums & videos, I'm...


+ Obsessing over k-pop music videos and jamming to my favorite BIGBANG and BTS tunes (among my other fave groups!)

+ Watching my favorite beauty, lifestyle and travel vloggers on Youtube

+ Studying nihongo or the Japanese language (Kanji, I will conquer you one day!) and Korean

+ Working at my day job, hahaha.

+ Drinking coffee. Lots of it. My go-to is an iced Americano.

+ Taking an online course or a workshop - gotta keep learning! Currently looking for a good course on Adobe Illustrator!

+ (Slow) Travelling the world, vising my favorite countries (Japan and South Korea, so far!) and immersing myself in different experiences.


your next step ::


If you want to hear from me / hang out with me (virtually) often, then leave your details below! Every week, I'll send you the latest edition of the Creative Catalog - a digital letter filled with personal art experiments, memory-keeping tips as well as some of the layouts that I recently completed! All for free, yo.